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Man and a woman looking at some plans while building a wooden house

Building Materials

React fast to supply and demand challenges and shape a smart, sustainable future with integrated building materials software.

Transformation in the building materials industry

Companies are using intelligent technology to replace delays and shortages with supply chain resilience and manufacturing sustainability.

Graphic showing how building materials companies can achieve transformation
Rapid urban expansion

The new built environment will exist in limited space, with densification replacing sprawl and urban growth pushing up, not out.

Construction supply chain issues

To respond quickly to change – despite broken supply chains and construction materials and labor shortages – companies need full visibility.

Sustainable building materials and operations

Construction regulations – and customers – now demand greener actions, more recycled building materials, and manufacturing sustainability.

Rise of prefab construction materials

There’s an upswing in prefabricated building materials. Why? If smart manufacturing lets you deliver a ready-made wall including windows – why not?

Diverse stakeholder expectations

Planners, architects, owners, sub-contractors, building material suppliers, and complexity abound. The key to success: one source of truth.

Digitalization of construction processes

AI-powered automation, along with building information modeling (BIM), are enabling same-page collaboration across the industry.

Innovative solutions for building materials from SAP and our partners

Solutions that address the specific needs of the building materials industry help you achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

SAP Customer Experience and CRM solutions

Gather insights across the value chain and connect real-time business data and signals to help improve customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain

Help ensure business continuity in times of supply chain disruption by synchronizing supply chain planning in real time, from S&OP to inventory supply planning.

SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing

Enable enterprise-wide manufacturing collaboration to create accurate production plans, reduce order lead times, and help ensure on-time delivery.


Improve margins in real time by creating a single source of pricing truth where pricing data, rules, and conditions can be managed as a strategic function, reducing pricing administration and the risk of financial errors.

Cogniac Visual Operations Intelligence

Maximize the value of visual data by using an image recognition platform to help improve quality and agility across manufacturing and logistics, including increasing mill yield with automated truckload inspection.

Descartes MacroPoint

Mitigate supply chain disruption, increase on-time delivery performance, and minimize carrier detention fees with real-time shipment visibility and monitoring.


SAP conference for building materials

Listen to recordings and download presentations from the in-person event.

What are the leading analysts saying about SAP?

Companies take action on digital transformation in building materials

Explore survey results on initiatives and projects that leverage software to transform internal processes to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and tackle environmental management in building materials companies.

Become more adaptable and resilient

Historically, building materials businesses have not been associated with sustainability. Find out why the future of the industry must become sustainable.

Closing the “green gap”

A survey of 2,000 global companies explores how the network effect is taking corporate sustainability from commitment to impact.

Explore how we can help your building materials business run better


Digitalization can help you collaborate more closely with customers and construction project stakeholders, develop new business models, and offer customers complete solutions. Our software for intelligent building products and projects digitalizes your business processes, so you can take more responsibility for business outcomes.
  • Portfolio and project management
  • Product development and configuration
  • Commercial project management and collaboration

Increased revenue from services and product as a service (PaaS).

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking



With SAP Subscription Billing, we are now able to provide our customers with invoicing based on daily usage for our digital products.

Stephan Manegold, Business Applications Lead, Schüco International KG


With integrated CRM, you can enable multichannel customer journeys that harmonize and simplify customer interactions. With our customer experience solutions for building materials companies, you can manage a collaborative interdisciplinary network with all stakeholders in a construction project and provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Omnichannel commerce and service 
  • Retail store and trade promotion management
  • Configure, price, and quote to cash 
  • Sales force automation and performance management
  • Business of marketing and optimized marketing
  • Customer experience management

5-35% increase in revenue from cross-sell and upsell.

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking


With SAP Customer Experience, we were able to deliver a rapid return on our investment while establishing a powerful technical foundation for ongoing value creation.

Tim Baker, CIO, Moen Incorporated


Networked systems of digital twins allow you to orchestrate complex interactions between suppliers, product designers, building materials manufacturers, and customers. SAP solutions can help you integrate and exchange production and logistics data, improve production flexibility and response time, and apply predictive models and machine learning.
  • Industrial insights
  • Manufacturing networks and asset collaboration
  • Manufacturing operations and execution (Industry 4.0)
  • Environment, health, and safety
  • Asset operations, maintenance, and performance management

€750,000 production savings in the first year.

Source: Arpa Industriale


By using dashboards, predictive analytics, and embedded automation in SAP solutions, we can identify best practices and teach those practices to the factory’s machines, systems, and people.

Stefano Rossetti, Production Manager, Arpa Industriale S.p.A


A connected supply chain can help you respond to last-minute order changes or unforeseen events, balance customer service and delivery costs, and evaluate business plans. Our supply chain management software supports a connected supply chain with real-time insights, efficient digital logistics and order fulfillment, and integrated what-if simulations.
  • Demand management, insights, and order promising
  • Sales, inventory, and operations planning
  • Response and supply planning
  • Yard, warehouse, and transportation management
  • Track and trace and logistics networks

15% reduction in raw material carrying costs.

Source: Kale Holding

By enabling us to deploy standardized processes based on best practices across the company, SAP S/4HANA is helping us work faster and more efficiently. We are not only saving time and costs but also providing better service to our customers.

Murat Erez, CIO, Kale Holding A.Ş


Sustainability is key to the future of business and the environment. Our sustainability solutions can help you comply with regulations; create products and solutions that enhance sustainable operations throughout their lifecycle and that are fully recyclable; and optimize production and logistics to reduce carbon emissions, scrap, and resource use.

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Holistic steering and reporting
  • Environmental footprint management
  • Environment, health, and safety
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Sustainability control tower

80% reduction in water, energy, and other resources used.

Source: Arpa Industriale


By using dashboards, predictive analytics, and embedded automation in SAP solutions, we can identify best practices and teach those practices to the factory’s machines, systems, and people.

Stefano Rossetti, Production Manager, Arpa Industriale S.p.A.

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