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Use a CDS View in IDA

By D028018

Use a CDS view in Integrated Data Access (IDA)


You will learn

In this tutorial you will learn how to to consume the CDS view in the SAP List Viewer (“ALV”) with Integrated Data Access (ALV with IDA). ALV with IDA lets you display views and tables that contain very large quantities of data.

Create a CDS view

Step 1: Open the ABAP program

Open the ABAP program you created in the previous tutorial, Create and run an ABAP program:

Image depicting step1-open-program
Step 2: Replace with IDA

You will now replace the implementation of the RUN method with a new implementation:

a. Delete the WRITE statement: Delete the whole line, by placing the cursor somewhere in the WRITE statement and choosing Ctrl+D:

Image depicting step2-delete-write

b. Now create an ALV with IDA for your CDS view Z_Invoice_Items and display the ALV in full screen:

cl_salv_gui_table_ida=>create_for_cds_view( 'Z_Invoice_Items' )->fullscreen( )->display( ).

Image depicting step2a-add-ida

c. Choose Save (Ctrl+S) and Activate (Ctrl+F3).
d. Execute your program by choosing Execute (F8).

The invoice items are displayed in ALV with IDA.

Step 3: Display the mouse-over information

Display the mouse-over information for the Paid column by positioning the cursor on the column heading.
NOTE: Notice that, in our case, the information is incorrect.
We will change this information in the CDS view using an annotation.

Step 4: Set the mouse-over information with an annotation

NOTE: Write the annotation before the CASE statement.

a. Set the mouse-over information for the payment_status to:

@EndUserText.quickInfo: 'Paid'

b. Choose Save (Ctrl+S) and Activate (Ctrl+F3).

Step 5: Execute the program

Execute ZCDS_INVOICE_ITEMS_EURO again by choosing Execute (F8).

The mouse-over information for the Paid column has been changed.

Your code should look like this:

*& Report zjp_cds_inv_items_test
REPORT zjp_cds_inv_items_test.

class lcl_main definition create private.

  public section.
    CLASS-METHODS create
        value(r_result) TYPE REF TO lcl_main.

    methods run.

  protected section.
  private section.


class lcl_main implementation.

  method create.
    create object r_result.

  method run.

cl_salv_gui_table_ida=>create_for_cds_view( 'Z_Invoice_Items' )->fullscreen( )->display( ).


lcl_main=>create( )->run( ).

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Updated 01/12/2018

Time to Complete

15 Min




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