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SAP Cloud for Customer


SAP Cloud for Customer

Welcome to the SAP Cloud for Customer community. Blog about your experiences with Cloud for Customer, ask questions, and hear directly from the product team about the latest and greatest with SAP Cloud for Customer.

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Smart Selling with SAP Sales Cloud, Anytime, Anywhere

Maximize the sales effectiveness of your sales reps and help them engage and win customers like never before. Built on maximizing sales productivity, SAP Sales Cloud is an easy-to-use, cloud sales application.

Product Overview

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Exceptional Customer Experience with SAP Service Cloud

Equip your customer service organization to innovate how you do business, simplify your technology landscape in a digital world, cover every touchpoint in a customer service engagement and deliver service excellence.

Product Overview

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Pre-packaged Integration with SAP and Non-SAP Systems

Utilize pre-packaged integration scenarios to integrate SAP Cloud for Customer with cloud and on-premise SAP and non-SAP systems to deliver a consistent, relevant, and best-in-class omni-channel experience.

Getting Started with Integration

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Business Insights with SAP Cloud for Customer Analytics

Get real-time visibility and predictability into your business, enabling you to make changes as required.

Analytics Overview

Expert Content

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Retail Execution in SAP Cloud for Customer

Transform your visits to Win at the shelf with Retail Execution in SAP Cloud for Customer.

Retail Execution Overview

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Integration Scenarios

Learn how to easily integrate with SAP and non SAP products.

Integration Scenarios Overview

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SAP Service Cloud Solution

Learn how the different features offered by SAP Service cloud will help you revolutionize service.

Service Overview

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SAP Sales Cloud Solution

Learn how the different features offered by SAP Sales cloud can help you sell smart.

Sales Overview

Latest Questions and Answers
Questions on SAP C4C merge functionality

Hi ,I am working on the integration from SAP C4C to another CRM and have below questions for SAP C4C: How to enable the merge option in SAP C4C. We have followed the steps provided in below link but s...

C4C Time Entry (service process)

Hi, Could You help me with ERP CATS integration?1. If I have a Time Entry with "In Preparation" status, and I don't how to make it "Approved" 2. Can we send CATS without approval. When I turn of appro...

SAP cloud for customer sales quote status

Hello experts, Which are the statuses of sales qoutes in SAP cloud for customer? and regarding this question, is there any way to find out which are the statuses of other objects such as Accoun, conta...

HTML Mash up as a Work center View in SAP C4C

Hi, We have a requirement to configure a HTML Mash up as a Custom Work center view in SAP C4C. We referred to the following blogs

C4C - Campaign assigned to an Opportunity - Can't export/update/import

Hello Experts, When opening an Opportunity in C4C, in the Opportunity details we have a standard field called Campaign. I had a Campaign to that Opportunity and, when exporting this Opportunity, it do...

Perfect store survey question attachments

Hello, within the perfect store survey of a visit in Sales Cloud we are able to add attachments to the question responses. Can anyone tell me which standard data source contains the question response ...

June 5th, 2019

Latest Blogs
It's time to register to influence new development

SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) provides you with early insights into new SAP product developments. This is a key opportunity for you to provide feedback, input and ideas at early stages of d...

May 31st, 2019
How to Restore/Rollback to Restore Point

A restore point is a snapshot of your system’s data at a specific point in time. It should be requested as a fallback system before executing data migration processes or other critical operations in y...

May 31st, 2019
Work Distribution Made Easy in SAP C4C

Divide and Rule, is the Rule Work Distribution is one of the very important aspect in running a business organization. Distributing the work among the team members in an organization is a tough task f...

May 30th, 2019
Workflows and Approvals Made Easy in SAP C4C

Objective: Single Click Approvals Workflows are one of the most important tools that help automate the business processes in an organization. Approval process is one of the most widely used use case f...

May 29th, 2019
Using my Company domain in the e-mail channel

I am creating this article based on some situation I have faced in my last project. I have searched a lot and used the SAP guides as reference to configure e-mail settings in my Cloud for Customer ten...

May 23rd, 2019
How To Translate Abstract Strategy Into Concrete, Measurable Business Actions

How To Translate Abstract Strategy Into Concrete, Measurable Business Actions As I discussed in the “Strategy and Enterprise Architecture” series, business capabilities are the link connecting strateg...

May 19th, 2019

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