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Gamification and Reputation


Reputation Overview

The SAP Community has a reputation program that encourages quality contributions, thanks members for participating and showcases expertise.

SAP Community Reputation Program

SAP Community is a dynamic, diverse community. Being part of this vibrant, passionate community is like being part of a family. As you become active on SAP Community, you will grow your knowledge, build an expert reputation and make friends. Established members benefit from the collaboration, guidance, and support that come with a strong, tight-knit professional network.

Regular participation is important for getting the most out of your engagement within the community. Not only do you receive ongoing feedback and interactive discussions, but being active on SAP Community is also a rewarding experience. To support the experience, we have established a reputation program with game mechanics to measure quality, thank you for contributions, and help you establish credibility and visibility as a leader in the community – all while having fun.

We are rolling out the SAP Community reputation program in phases. This page describes what elements are available now, and what will be rolled out in the near future. 


A "mission" is like a virtual quest, challenging you to complete certain requirements to earn a badge. Requirements include actions like providing feedback on content, writing a blog post, answering a question, or being recognized as an outstanding quality contributor. Some missions are progression missions, where you must complete the first mission to unlock the next in the progression. Others are stand-alone missions, with no ties to other missions. Learn more about what missions and badges you can earn on the Missions and Badges overview. View your available, earned and mission progress on My Missions (login required).


Badges are icons you earn once you’ve completed a mission. These symbols give you an opportunity to display what you’ve done and your accomplishments during your SAP Community Network journey. Earned badges are displayed on your SAP Universal Profile.  

Karma Credits

Once you’ve become a member of the SAP Community and active in Q & A, you will start accumulating Karma Credits. Since the SAP Community Reputation Program is focused on quality contributions over activity, these credits are only displayed to you, to help you keep track of how your contributions in Q & A are being received. Your Karma Credit total can be found in the sub-header when you are logged in on Q & A.


We use status icons to recognize community moderators and SAP mentors. This is an easy way to help you find and recognize these valued members. You can also know who works for SAP, based on the SAP Employee icon. Status icons are shown in each member’s universal profile, as well as on the content they contribute.


We share a variety of simple totals that summarize salient aspects of each member’s activity and how other community members respond to it. These counters are used to provide an objective summary of your activities on the SAP Community, and include things like your follower count, total likes you receive on blog posts and comments, and the count of up-votes you get on questions and answers.

Legacy Reputation

If you know what is meant by the “Jive platform” then you know why we couldn’t switch platforms without providing a record of your accomplishments from when SAP Community Network was called SCN. The Legacy Reputation is a representation of your reputation earned on the Jive platform, and includes your lifetime points, level, and badges for the missions you earned.

Other than the Karma Credits (you can only see your own), there are no points awarded on the new SAP Community Network. That’s by design, and big step forward for the whole community. Members should focus on quality contributions, over quantity. Rather than recognizing members by points, the SAP Community Network will calculate an overall reputation score for all members, and an expertise score for any primary topic tags a member is active in.

The reputation and expertise scores will be rolled out some time after the mission launch; the timing is to-be-determined.

Reputation Score

The SAP Community Network recognizes that it is the contributions of our members that increase the overall value of our site. Members are rewarded for valued behaviors, and quality contributions are measured with a reputation score. Your reputation score is a representation of all the actions you take on the community, and the community’s response to those actions. It reflects the value you contribute, and is calculated based on a weighted combination of the quality of your contributions, your community citizenship and your influence. The numeric score you see in your profile is different from the publicly displayed qualifier (excellent, good, neutral, needs work).

Expertise Score

We use the designation of Expert and Knowledgeable to recognize members who have reached a high threshold of quality contributions in a given primary tag topic. This designation is a considerable distinction, and members who achieve it should be proud.

You can see your progress toward the threshold of any tag you’re active in, within the reputation section of the SAP Universal Profile. No one else can see your progress, but once you reach the threshold, the designation is prominently displayed in your profile, in all primary tags where you qualify. Your current status as Expert or Knowledgeable can expire over time if you don’t keep your quality contributions up. However, any member who reaches this notable achievement, will be permanently recognized in each year’s SAP Community Network Annual Expertise Showcase.

Current Expertise Showcase

Any member with a current status of Expert or Knowledgeable will be included and findable in our dynamic listing of Expert and Knowledgeable SAP Community Network members. The listing is searchable by tag, providing an incredible source of topic expertise to the entire community.

Karma Credits Overview

Users earn karma credits by doing positive things in Q & A, such as having their answer accepted or receiving an up-vote. Karma credits will help users understand how their participation in Q & A is being perceived by other members and the reputation and trust they are earning.

Since the SAP reputation program has shifted its focus away from points, users can only see their own karma credit total. Hiding other members’ karma credit from public display encourages quality contributions over quantity, and lessens competition.

Moderators can see the karma credit total and a karma credit history for all members.

Karma credits are earned for the following:

Positive Feedback in Q & A

Karma Credits

Having an answer accepted

+ 10

Additional positive feedback on content



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