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與 SAP 客服人員線上洽談以獲得幫助。
SAP Global Sponsorships

Sports Partnerships

SAP simplifies business operations for our Sports Partners, enabling leagues, teams, and organizations to become more efficient, profitable, and successful.

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SAP Sports: Highlights

The best teams, companies, and fans all have one thing in common: they stay on top with the best technology, better insights and a competitive edge.

Sports Partners

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Team AkzoNobel

By leveraging IoT provided by the SAP Leonardo IoT Edge technology, team AkzoNobel has equipped each sailor with biometric sensors, allowing them to capture fitness levels and degree of exhaustion during racing, so they can optimize their performance.

Adler Mannheim

Adler Mannheim is one of the most successful ice hockey clubs in Germany, but its fans are the club’s most important asset. Its mobile app is an example of how companies can intensify customer relationships through digitization and communication. 

City Football Group

City Football Group (CFG) encompasses four clubs and six teams around the world. With hundreds of millions of fans, CFG leverages SAP Cloud Solutions to simplify global operations and enhance how fans access and consume data online and at the stadium.


IoT has found its way into equestrianism. SAP Equestrian Analytics takes fans of CHIO Aachen and Event Rider Masters for a ride on race day. Going beyond spectating, SAP Audience Judging empowers fans to take the judge's seat and co-score the competitors in real-time.

FC Bayern Basketball

As the first team in the German Bundesliga basketball league, the FC Bayern Basketball club is using SAP Sports One to manage the team and players efficiently, and to optimize their performance using data analytics.

FC Bayern Munich

No team dominates German soccer like FC Bayern Munich. But strong players need excited fans. This is why the club runs its end-to-end fan experience with SAP. A real-time view of fans enables FC Bayern Munich to personalize its interactions – and fans are cheering louder than ever.

McLaren Technology Group

SAP solutions are used throughout the McLaren Technology Group to drive transactional efficiency and strategic insight across a diverse and complex business. Providing a platform for growth and flexibility, SAP enables McLaren to see quicker and act faster.


Mercedes-Benz and SAP both drive innovation. As an Official Business Partner of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team, SAP will support its entry in the all-electric single-seater ABB FIA Formula E Championship this year to help the team analyze performance data and deliver the best on-track results.

National Basketball Association

There are more than 4.5 quadrillion combinations of NBA statistics, and SAP HANA powers these insights on Fans can view groundbreaking video box scores to watch the plays associated with specific stats for an unprecedented interactive experience.

National Hockey League

From the cloud to the ice, and beyond, the NHL and SAP are committed to revolutionizing the sport of ice hockey. With and endless possibilities of player / puck tracking, fans are being engaged like never before. 

New York Giants

The New York Giants are an NFL team with four Super Bowl championships, most recently winning in 2011. On Giants gamedays at MetLife Stadium, fans venturing to the SAP Plaza have the chance to interact with Giants alumni and Paul Dottino of CBS New York as they break down the winning insights of the upcoming game.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are an NFL team that plays in the AFC East Division at MetLife Stadium. The Jets won Super Bowl III in 1969 and were founded in 1960 as the AFL’s New York Titans. On Jets gamedays, fans in the SAP Plaza have the chance to interact with Jets alumni and Jeane Coakley of SNY as they break down the winning insights of the upcoming game.

New York Yankees

With over 4 million attendees each season, as an official sponsor of Yankee Stadium SAP has an incredible opportunity with immense access. The SAP Suite Level entertains thousands of guests as they come to enjoy America's Pastime at one of the most iconic stadiums in the world.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are a five-time SuperBowl championship NFL team. The 49ers are considered the #1 sports team in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, providing a key opportunity to showcase SAP technologies with the team that plays at the premier outdoor facility in the key strategic market of Silicon Valley.

San Jose Sharks

SAP helps the San Jose Sharks® organization run at its best by improving performance at the SAP Center and in the day-to-day operations of the organization.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

It's a home match for SAP, with our headquarters only minutes away from the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim football club's stadium in Hoffenheim, Germany. The club uses cutting-edge technology from SAP to improve player performance. These innovations maximize player potential and help coaches make the right calls... to win it all!

US Sailing

SAP and US Sailing developed Universal Certification System (UCS), a powerful tool that simplifies the application process for sailors to register boats. Also, the creation of a live-tracking mobile app, SAP Sail InSight, provides sailors with valuable data for post-race analysis.

Women’s Tennis Association

SAP tracks more than forehands and backhands on the WTA Tour. SAP works with the WTA on a global scale to collaborate on innovative technology and analytics solutions to enhance the sport of tennis for players, coaches, media and fans.

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