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Carrefour Belgium: Leading the way in food e-commerce with a better user experience

Explore Carrefour Belgium’s journey with SAP

Carrefour Belgium NV (Carrefour) takes pride in giving customers consistent and efficient shopping experiences in its stores. Now, with SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions, the supermarket chain is bringing that experience directly to its customers’ digital devices.


items, on average, featured in a fast, enjoyable digital experience.


consistent, user-friendly Web site.


year to implement SAP Commerce Cloud.

Carrefour continues its IT transformation toward cloud-based solutions and the migration of various technologies into ‘One Carrefour.’ The fundamentals are now in place for a future-proofed ecosystem using SAP solutions.

Clément Pecheur
IT E-Commerce Team Leader
Carrefour Belgium NV

The Challenge

Helping customers select items in a fast, enjoyable digital experience

Many retailers are transforming to meet consumer expectations for attractive and intuitive digital shopping experiences, and supermarket chain Carrefour is no exception.


Faced with an inconsistent e-commerce landscape comprising multiple Web sites on different platforms, Carrefour sought an integrated solution to enable an accessible omnichannel shopping experience that reflects the high quality of its merchandise. Carrefour knew that having the right platform would help future-proof its business by allowing it to respond quickly to fast-changing customer expectations ‒ which is an important step in becoming the world leader in food e-commerce.


The Solution

Creating a consistent and efficient shopping experience in the cloud

To integrate multiple, diverse customer-facing Web sites and mobile apps in one consistent e-commerce experience, Carrefour chose SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions. These cloud-based solutions replaced a custom-made, hosted customer login system.


SAP Commerce Cloud provides the reliability and scalability needed to build meaningful experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The solution empowers Carrefour to build an experience that allows customers to purchase items using mobile devices or through its Web site.


SAP Customer Data Cloud also played a key role in the e-commerce transformation by setting the foundation for a smooth, software-as-a-service registration process.

The Result

Enhancing the e-commerce experience from order to delivery or pickup

With the combination of SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud, Carrefour created a streamlined e-commerce platform that operates in a more stable IT environment.


The platform enables customers to purchase items and choose between having their groceries delivered or available for in-store pickup. It supports a more efficient shopping experience with better product filtering through integrated product information management and assortments tailored by store.


Through this initiative, Carrefour is on its way to becoming a trailblazer among grocery retailers. Along with processing more online transactions and increasing Web site traffic, Carrefour is turning more shoppers into long-time loyal customers.

SAP helps Carrefour Belgium run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Enhanced experience in an e-commerce platform that lets customers purchase items for delivery or in-store pickup
  • Better product filtering, thanks to integrated product information management, and assortments tailored by store
  • Higher customer conversion rate, more online transactions, and increased Web site traffic
  • Streamlined e-commerce ecosystem running in a more stable IT environment

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Commerce Cloud integrates multiple, diverse customer-facing Web sites and mobile apps in one, consistent e-commerce experience.
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud enables digital customer identity and access management, providing a smooth software-as-a-service customer registration process.

About Carrefour Belgium

As part of the eighth-largest retailer in the world by revenue, Carrefour Belgium operates a chain of more than 700 hypermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores across Belgium, along with an e-commerce business.

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