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Analytics Database Features

Turn massive data into actionable insights with SAP IQ software.

Find out what’s in the latest release

Discover the new features and functionality, and enhancements in the latest release of SAP IQ. Check out the new capabilities and the best approaches to implementing and configuring them.

Product Capabilities

Gain insight into business performance and market dynamics and maximize the value of massive volumes of data with this high-performance RDBMS.

Create a unified data store for all data types

  • Manage structured and processed unstructured data types in a single analytical framework
  • Enhance security with transport layer, database, and column encryption, as well as LDAP and Kerberos authentication    
  • Support high availability with multiplex grid technology that mitigates node failures

Accelerate data loading

  • Use fully parallel bulk data loading to take advantage of machines with high CPU core counts
  • Execute concurrent loads into the same database table with a row-level versioned (RLV) store
  • Get the software with the fastest loading and indexing of Big Data, as recognized by Guinness World Records

Reduce costs and improve performance

  • Compress data efficiently with technologies such as column-store compression, optimized database page formats for variable-sized data, N-bit fast projection indexes, and improved I/O rates
  • Lower costs with compression algorithms that reduce data storage volumes

Extend analytics across users and processes

  • Scale to meet business needs with an expandable, grid-based, parallel processing architecture that offers shared-store and shared-nothing options
  • Add nodes and share them easily with automatic resource balancing
  • Manage self-service resource demands for thousands of users concurrently

Get quick answers to complex questions

  • Process queries efficiently with a column-oriented, elastic grid-based, massively parallel processing architecture
  • Get comprehensive answers from even petabyte-sized data sets 
  • Meet growing demand for insight with an extensible in-database analytics framework

Deploy flexibly, with low TCO

  • Rely on standards-based software, including an open, flexible SQL-based platform that runs on commodity hardware
  • Boost agility with a flexible licensing model for SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server
  • Select licenses that adapt to peak periods or new business demands 

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP is committed to delivering software that is usable by individuals with disabilities. Although our applications include many accessibility features, they are currently not fully optimized for accessibility. You may need to provide client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with SAP solutions.

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