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SAP Financial Statement Insights

SAP Financial Statement Insights

Enable finance professionals to discover hidden trends and drive strategic decision-making by performing personalized ad-hoc analysis of financial statements in real-time. SAP Financial Statement Insights is delivered in the cloud and natively integrated to S/4HANA Finance to make full use of in-memory capabilities.

Why SAP Financial Statement Insights?

SAP Financial Statement Insights can help your company:

  • Generate real-time reports with the finest granularity–based on transactional accounting
  • Answer upper management inquiries in real-time
  • Display and simulate organizational changes in real-time, based on actuals
  • Identify areas for strategic focus and business improvement
  • Change business models on-the-fly to play with ideas instantly, saving time and manual efforts through ad-hoc view

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Learn how the functional and technical capabilities of SAP Financial Statement Insights can simplify the lives of business users and IT:

Functional Capabilities
  • Generate real time reports with detailed granularity—based on transactional accounting - Easily perform analysis tailored to your needs, such as exploring account groups in the income statement. Visualize cumulative balance over time with detailed granularity.
  • Analyze data in real-time - Explore and filter accounting data based on select dimensions of accounting documents—and flexibly adapt the structures to meet your analysis needs.  Navigate to underlying accounting documents for additional information.
  • Simulate organizational changes in real-time - Quickly create hierarchies specific to your analytical and strategic needs. Simulate the impact of hierarchy reorganizations on-the-fly, without administrative overhead.
  • Identify areas for strategic focus and business improvement - Compare  performance across different divisions, products and organizational units—and analyze trends and drivers over different time periods.
Technical Capabilities
  • Hybrid Architecture - SAP Cloud Platform - Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Financial Statement Insights offers a cloud architecture with high security standards and data. It is natively integrated with SAP S/4HANA. 
  • Real time integration with SAP S/4HANA Finance - Use a pre-configured connector to integrate SAP Financial Statement Insights with SAP S/4HANA Finance. 
  • SAP HANA Engine - SAP Financial Statement insights leverages the in-memory power of SAP HANA to provide income statement information and drill down capabilities to the most granular level.

Find out about system and software requirements for SAP Financial Statement Insights

SAP Financial Statement Insights is a cloud solution that integrates with SAP S/4HANA in a hybrid approach. An SAP S/4HANA system (on premise or cloud) is required.

Licensing for SAP Financial Statement Insights

SAP Financial Statement Insight is deployed in the cloud, and is licensed on a per user, subscription basis. Please contact an SAP Account Executive for more information. 

Contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options


For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers 

Support for SAP Financial Statement Insights

Visit the help portal for the latest documentation on installation, upgrade, and getting started.
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