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SAP IoT Connect 365, enterprise service

Simplify IoT complexity through a single contract and connection with SAP IoT Connect 365

Just as mobile has had a huge impact on digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a greater potential to transform how business and personal engagements are managed. Through a single provider, connection, and contract, SAP Digital Interconnect enterprise services can simplify complex object connectivity, roaming and subscription management, and data security across multiple regions and networks.

Why SAP IoT Connect 365?

SAP IoT Connect 365, enterprise service simplifies the complex connectivity, scalability, and management of the Internet of Things (IoT) through a single contract and connection to a fully managed, cloud-based solution with global reach, a secure infrastructure, and real-time control.

  • Simplify complex multicountry deployments through a single contract and connection
  • Achieve singular and secure IoT connectivity, scalability, and management
  • Manage connected objects and protect data and privacy across multiple networks and technologies
  • Streamline operations and optimize assets and relationships
  • Utilize direct connections, global reach, and interconnected mobile networks
  • Realize faster, more efficient device and services deployment with less impact

Read Connecting the Internet of Things white paper

Learn how SAP Digital Interconnect services utilizes a single connection to provide a fully-enabled, secure, and efficient IoT ecosystem that delivers choice, flexibility, and value

Functional Capabilities
  • Utilizes neutral, network-agnostic SIMs: Eliminates need to maintain operator-specific inventory or update connectivity and services when locations change
  • Streamlines network IoT connectivity and object management: Global reach simplifies multicountry deployments and relationships with local regional breakout
  • Optimize assets and time to market while managing costs: Carrier-grade infrastructure provides guaranteed quality of service and realizes efficient deployment and management without additional hardware or special integration
  • Single, customizable management portal and dashboards: Provides full and real-time network, device, billing, and application monitoring and control
  • Protect connected objects, data, and experiences: Private, carrier-grade IPX core secures data transfer, prevents intrusions, and ensures high quality of service
  • Simplifies IoT connectivity, provisioning, and management: Simple, single, and secure connectivity solution; Single connection to SAP for global connectivity; Single management platform for all networks; Secure end to end connectivity; Secure managed applications on the SIM
  • Aligns rate plans with devices, data usage, and location: Actively manages subscriptions and global connectivity to control costs and improve ROI at local prices
Technical Capabilities
  • Fully managed, cloud-based solution:  Minimizes impact on resources and helps launch new services faster with minimal capital expenditure
  • API-driven management functions: Single, integrated Rest API supports deployments, provisioning, configuration, and on-device applications
  • Directly and securely integrates with SAP HANA Cloud Platform: SAP IoT SIM management device connector effectively manages data and roaming profiles
  • Data encryption and network-based firewall protection: Prevents intrusions and malicious traffic and protects sensitive device-generated data;
  • Simplifies network and operator complexity: Securely and reliably interconnects disparate 2G/3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and satellite technologies and operator networks
  • Transport layer efficiently manages data: Moves data from connected objects to cloud-based platforms to help support real-time applications and new services

Purchasing options for SAP IoT Connect, enterprise service 365

Please contact your local SAP account executive for licensing and purchasing options.

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