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Augmented Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud

Reveal relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster with augmented analytics and the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Gain deep insights in less time

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in SAP Analytics Cloud augments the analytics process, helping you go from insight to action in a fraction of the time. Automated technology enables you to avoid agenda-driven and biased decision-making by revealing the story of what drives your business.


Ask questions in a conversational manner with instant results explained in natural language.


Detect drivers of a KPI and take the next best action by using automated machine learning that discovers unknown relationships in data.


Predict potential outcomes and forecasts with the push of a button.


Make confident decisions faster with AI-driven insights and the power of machine learning technology delivered to you naturally. Augmented analytics allows business users to make confident data-led decisions that are enabled by natural language processing (NLP), automated content generation, and predictive analytics.


Instant context with the Smart Insights feature

Understand the top contributors of specific data points without having to manually pivot or slice and dice your data. Machine learning technology saves you time, so you can focus on more high-value activities. Add context to visualizations by embedding smart insights markers and provide a deep level of analysis by drilling down into your data’s top contributors.


Automated story building with the Smart Discovery feature

Uncover valuable insights quickly with Smart Discovery, an automated data exploration engine. Using machine learning algorithms, Smart Discovery reveals relationships and hidden patterns in your data model to drive accelerated insight discovery. Identify key influencers and relationships in your data to discover how business factors influence performance, automatically detect anomalies so you can take corrective action, and reduce human bias in analytics through machine-guided analysis.


Business answers and insights with the Search to Insight feature

Run analysis on an ad-hoc basis in meetings to get answers quickly. Auto-complete and natural language processing aid you in finding the information you need instantly, and automatically generated visualizations can save you time when building stories.


Reliable business predictions with the Smart Predict feature

Enable business analysts to build trusted and actionable predictions and increase the likelihood of positive business outcomes. With Smart Predict, analysts can train predictive models with existing data and apply them to new data to predict future outcomes, segment the customer base, and automate decisions. Smart Predict augments your existing business intelligence capabilities by learning from your historical data to create recommendations on the next best action to take for your business.


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How Smart features are changing Business Intelligence

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