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Office of Ethics & Compliance Due Diligence Privacy Statement

SAP engages its partners or suppliers of goods or services for various projects. SAP is considering to engage or has already engaged the current or prospective partner or supplier (collectively, “Supplier/Partner”) to provide such services to SAP or SAP’s customer. SAP requires Supplier/Partner to submit a questionnaire as part of SAP’s ongoing due-diligence to facilitate its relationship with Supplier/Partner and enable compliance with SAP’s zero-tolerance approach for bribery and corruption (“Due Diligence questionnaires”). This Privacy Statement describes how SAP processes data that identifies or relates to an identifiable individual that it receives in response to these Due Diligence questionnaires, and SAP has created this Privacy Statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to the individual`s right to data protection and privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines how SAP handles information that is provided to SAP as part of its due diligence processes. Dokument herunterladen

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