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SAP HANA XS Advanced, Connecting to SAP Web IDE and cloning a Git Repository to begin development


SAP HANA XS Advanced, Connecting to SAP Web IDE and cloning a Git Repository to begin development

By Craig Cmehil

Part 1 of 3, Connect to Web IDE and Clone a Git Repository to begin development


As of SPS12, all design-time artifacts are stored in Git instead of the HANA database. We need to setup the repository so development can be collaborative.

Step 1: Launch SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA

Launch the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA at the following URL in your web browser. The hostname of course is the hostname of the SAP HANA Developer Edition that you created in the previous tutorial. Remember for XSA you will need to use the hostname and not the IP address of the server, instructions are found on the server landing page itself.


Password: The password provided when you set up HANA Express

or you can use

Password: HanaRocks2017 or what you changed it to

Log in to SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA
Step 2: Sign in to your Git account

From a separate tab in the web browser, log into GitHub. If you do not have an account, proceed to create one by following the instructions to create and activate your account in the sign up button.

Sign in or sign up to your GitHub account

If you are setting up the repository for use beyond this tutorial, you may want to create an organization and invite other users to join your repository. Further information on GitHub can be found on GitHub

Step 3: Create a GitHub repository

Whether you have just activated a newly-created account or have been using GitHub disconnected from a HANA workspace, you may wish to create a new repository for this tutorial. If you already have a GitHub repository you would like to use, continue to Step 3.

Follow the instructions in the New Repository option from the + menu in the upper right corner on

New Repository

Complete the form, adding a name and description and click on Create Repository.
New Repository

Step 4: Clone the Repository into the Workspace

Form the GitHub page, copy the URL of the repository from the Clone or Download menu
Use the Clone or Download button from the right corner

Return to the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. Right click on the Workspace and choose Clone Repository from the Git menu.
Clone Repository in Web IDE

SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA will request the Git URL to access the repository, which you have copied from GitHub:
Repository Cloning parameters

Enter authentication details:
- User: <Your GitHub User ID>
- Password: <You've guessed: Your GitHub password!>

Tick the Remember me box so it will not ask again for the remainder of the session.

If successful, you will see the repository folder in your workspace, which is now connected to the git repository.
Git is cloned into SAP HANA Web IDE

Step 5: Configure the Space for the repository

Last, you need to configure the space for the repository you have just linked.

Introduced in SPS12, spaces enable applications to access shared resources that can be used to develop, deploy, and maintain applications.

Right-click on the folder for the repository and select Project Settings

Project Settings for Git repository

Select the proper space (probably, development) from the list of available spaces, or use the space setup by the System Administrator:

Select development space

If you cannot find an appropriate Space, you may need to enable it or configure your user by going to the Organization and Space Management in https://your host:51015/index.html (or asking your System Administrator).

Click Save.

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