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SAP HANA Studio, Deploy Project

By Craig Cmehil

Deploy your project to the SAP HANA repository


You will learn

Now to expand your simple application and deploy it to the SAP HANA server.

Step 1: Select your SAP HANA repository

Now that you have the basic application you will right click and choose from the Team menu the option to Share Project and you will select your SAP HANA repository.

Share Project

Choose your SAP HANA Repository for deployment.

Choose the SAP HANA repo
Step 2: Create repository if necessary

Define the steps and repository if for some reason you have not already created it in the previous tutorial.

Specific Repo
Step 3: Define package name

Define your “package” name which corresponds to the path when you work with your application later.

Define package
Step 4: Activate project

Finally right click again and under Team choose Activate All to activate the project and be able to see it on the server itself.


Updated 12/12/2017

Time to Complete

10 Min.

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