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SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform free trial now includes Cloud Foundry and offers the flexibility to use the infrastructure provider of your choice. Learn more


Official SAP Cloud Platform

tutorials and resources


Here we provide official resources to learn SAP Cloud Platform - tutorials, community, and other details about the SAP Cloud Platform. 


New to SAP Cloud Platform?

Some main capabilities are listed below. The full list of services available on SAP Cloud Platform are listed here.

Choice of runtimes

Build and run custom Java EE applications, SAP HANA XSJS and HTML5/JavaScript based apps in the cloud. Utilize cloud-based or client side development environments to implement your custom business logic.

UI Development

Build complex, feature-rich applications using SAPUI5 or the open-source version OpenUI5 with over 200 controls for data-binding, data models, MVC, automatic loading of i18n resources and much more.

Hybrid and native mobile apps

Build and deploy hybrid apps with Apache Cordova along with Kapsel (SAP plugins) and any other Cordova plugins. Additionally, deploy and manage native iOS, Android and Windows applications.  

Secure on-premise connectivity

The cloud connector establishes a reverse-proxy secure connection between an on-premise network and SAP Cloud Platform. You have fine grained control over the resources that are exposed, and which cloud-based apps have access to them.

API management

Build, test and deploy APIs to securely expose data and processes. Utilize a single UI to analyze usage metrics, errors, latency, and performance of your APIs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things service you can quickly and securely connect, configure and manage any kind of device - thus it is the standard connectivity layer for IoT apps running on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform capabilities

Capability Description
Predictive Services Perform predictive analytics capable of revealing hidden insights within your datasets in SAP HANA database through a collection of RESTful web services which are ready to be integrated in the cloud application you are developing. 
Business Services  
SAP RealSpend Helps to build novel apps on SAP Cloud Platform incorporating financial data from S/4 HANA.
Gamification Service Allows you to rapidly introduce gamification concepts into your applications.
SAP Document Center Enables and mobilizes business content from 3rd party (for example, MS Sharepoint) or SAP Business Suite. Integrate file sharing functionality in your applications. Implement own clients for advanced scenarios and extend ABAP connectivity to support your business processes. For further information, please see the Read Me.
SAP Jam Build socially-infused applications and benefit from secure, social collaboration.
Data and Storage  
Document Service Store and manage all your documents.
Persistence Service Manage data using in-memory and relational data persistence provided by the persistence service.
Debugging Service Debug your Java application even through networks with high latency.
Git Service Allows you to store and version source code in Git repositories.
Lifecycle Management Manage the lifecycle of you Java applications using the service REST API.
Monitoring Service Access health status and metrics of your Java applications.
Performance Statistics Service (BETA) Troubleshoot the performance of your Java applications.
Profiling Service Profile your Java applications and use different kinds of analysis.
SAP Translation Hub (BETA) Translate your UIs by retrieving texts and their translations from a multilingual SAP HANA database.
SAP Web IDE A web-based tool that enables you to create and extend end user applications for browsers and mobile devices.
OData provisioning Provides REST/OData services based on SAP Gateway content in the ABAP Application Server.
SAP API Business Hub Discover, explore and test the APIs offered by SAP along with integration content.
SAP API Management Expose your data and processes as APIs for omni-channel consumption and manage the lifecycle of those APIs.
SAP Cloud Platform Connector Establishes secure and reliable connectivity between cloud applications and on-premise systems.
SAP Cloud Platform Integration
Integrates processes and data between cloud apps and on-premise solutions, both SAP and non-SAP. It enables you to jumpstart your integration project through pre-built graphical integration flows and mappings available on the SAP API Business Hub.
Internet of Things  
Internet of Things Services Enable customers and partners to develop, customize, and operate IoT business applications in the cloud.
Mobile Services  
App & Device Management Manage and secure mobile apps and devices.
Development & Operations Build and run new mobile apps or extend existing on-premise and cloud solutions with a mobile user experience.
Fiori Mobile Optimize, build, manage and monitor SAP Fiori apps on mobile devices.
Authorization Management Platform API for managing roles and their assignments to users.
Keystore Service Secure repository for cryptographic keys and certificates.
OAuth 2.0 Service Protect applications and APIs with OAuth 2.0.
User Experience  
Feedback Service (BETA) Collect and analyze user feedback for your applications.
SAP Forms as a Service by Adobe Generate print and interactive forms using Adobe Document Services.
SAP HANA Cloud Portal Easily create enterprise-grade business sites for mobile use - to engage customers, partners and employees.

Try it now

The developer edition is a free, perpetual license for you to use for evaluation and development purposes. In addition to SAP HANA and the comprehensive set of platform services, you’ll also find our newest BETA features. Try it now!

You get:

  • 1GB shared SAP HANA
  • Early access to beta functionality
  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal
  • SAP Web IDE
  • SAP Cloud Platform mobile services
  • SAP HANA Cloud Integration OData Provisioning

You can:

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