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Neues von der SAPPHIRE NOW

Sehen Sie sich die SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined Sessions an und erfahren Sie, wie Sie als intelligentes Unternehmen in Krisen- und Erholungsphasen resilient und erfolgreich sein können.

SAP Executive Board Questions und Answers

Sehen Sie sich den Replay der Q&A-Session an und hören Sie die Antworten des SAP-Vorstands.

Daniel Hopp paints the picture of what SAP Arena was like pre-corona, a vibrant place where communities came together to cheer for their favorite sports team and enjoy their beloved music artists. Luka and Daniel discuss the financial impact and what it means for customers, suppliers and partners. Hopp understands there is uncertainty around reopening and to which degree, but his goal is to have SAP Arena back to full capacity—using technology and digitization as means to do so.

Duration: 20-minutes

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Luka Mucic
Chief Financial Officer and Member of the SAP Executive Board SAP

Daniel Hopp
Managing Director SAP Arena Mannheim

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