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Customer Snapshot: Overview

20% more profit in 300+ restaurants, with only 80 employees.

For over 20 years, Atlanta-based Prime Meats has been providing steakhouses with the finest aged USDA Prime and Choice quality steaks available. In order to expand their business to a direct-to-consumer channel, Prime Meats took their business online, encouraging home cooks around the country to skip the butcher counter and head straight to the Internet. Now, Prime Meats offers the same tender, juicy, flavorful quality to consumers online, so they can treat their taste buds to a steakhouse experience at home.

Prime Meats, a Norsan Group company

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I-Business Network (I-BN)


Atlanta, GA

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SAP Business One

Customer Snapshot: History

Seizing an Opportunity to Control the Supply Chain

In 1987, Norberto Sanchez opened his first restaurant. His business grew quickly and to meet the growing demands for quality meat, he ventured into the meat packaging business, launching Prime Meats. Fast-forward 20 years and Prime Meats beef is featured on the menus of over 300 of America's top restaurants today. In addition to supplying the top steakhouses in the country, they’re now also selling their product online to home cooks and amateur grill-masters.

Norsan is 1 of the Top 70 companies in the Hispanic Business 500.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Prime Cuts Wherever the Urge for Meat Strikes

Whether you are a sous chef at a fine steak house or an everyday gourmet trying to impress your father-in-law or boss, getting the highest quality filet mignon, New York strip, or rib eye is a must. This is why Atlanta-based Prime Meats is dedicated to providing the very best meats and customer service.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Always Seeking New Ways to Grow

Over the course of 20 years, Prime Meats has expanded from a single chain to restaurants across the county and then direct to people’s homes. Their growth has been organic and steady, but the company continues to look for growth opportunities. They are seeking new ways to improve customer satisfaction, fill rates and the sales-to-close ratio. To that end, they sought a system that would give them intelligence across all aspects of their business, from financial transparency to logistics, production, distribution, and warehousing.

The Challenge

A Smaller Company with Big Goals

Prime Meats needed a business software and accounting system to keep up with their rapidly growing, multi-industry customer base. After looking at the accounting solutions available for small to mid-sized companies, they discovered SAP Business One was an ideal customizable solution that could grow with their needs.

Enter SAP

Head and Shoulders Above the Crowd

Prime Meats was looking for an accounting system that was flexible and robust enough to customize as they grew. After looking at the accounting solutions available for small to mid-sized companies, SAP Business One stood out above the rest. Even with the small budget of a company their size, SAP’s superior ability to provide analytics and reports is at their disposal, enabling them to fine-tune their data assessment and grow their business unchecked by the usual limitations of personnel and resources.

We determined that we were able to get everything we needed from SAP Business One. — Daniel Arcila, Chief Accountability Officer

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Building as they Go

Prime Meats partnered with I-Business Network to implement SAP Business One, but took a primary role, handling a majority of the work with their in-house expertise. As they learned more about the software, they continued to add to it, adding new functionality almost every day. They are fully utilizing the flexible nature and customizability of the solution to extract analytics, reports and other data that was previously unavailable to them. With alerts, approval procedures, additional menus and views, they continue to make it even more powerful.

We now have better controls for our operations and enhanced tools to provide superior customer service, along with a detailed view of the business profitability. — Daniel Arcila, Chief Accountability Officer

Better Business

Insight Leads To Growth

The more Prime Meats discovers about production, distribution and customer satisfaction the better. With SAP Business One, Prime Meats has experienced greater insight into inventory, incoming purchase quantities, costs, and delivery, dates, directly resulting in a 20% increase in profitability.

15% better

in the sales-close ratio

20% more


Better Business: Benefits

No Beef With Customer Service

Sales representatives now have instant access to customer data to quickly respond to queries, proving their commitment to customer service and increasing customer satisfaction. With more insight into the inner workings of each area of the business, the right meats are sure to be stocked and delivered on time. The result: Prime Meats remains a cut above the competition.

Better Business: Run Simple

Learning More Every Day

Thanks to the implementation of SAP Business One, the entire flow of operations is now visible, allowing key decision-makers to drill-down their data analyses, helping the company Run Simple across all areas of the business cycle. As they learn more about the software and their business needs, Prime Meats can customize their analytics to get the information they need and move ever forward.

Journey Ahead

Staying in their Prime for Years to Come

Moving forward, Prime Meats is looking to integrate a production module that can update inventory and finished goods costs to keep them on top of the production cycle and anticipate needs. They are also looking to develop and integrate a distribution cost module to further optimize delivery routes as well as customize the customer relationship management sales module. SAP allows Prime Meats a 360-degree view of their business to keep them at the top of the marketplace.

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