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Customer Snapshot: Overview

50% of Indiana's infant deaths come from a subpopulation of only 1.6% of all births 

State of Indiana

US$30 billion (Budget)

Number of Employees

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
design thinking workshop for business innovation, SAP Data Services, SAP HANA, SAP Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Customer Website

SAS, Tableau, Microsoft, IBM, Qlik, Information Builders, MicroStrategy

Public Sector


The people of the State of Indiana.

Customer Snapshot: History


The Root of Transformational Intentions

The State of Indiana’s government has about 92 state agencies and they were running in silos, so they had no effective way of sharing information and working together to quickly solve issues affecting the health, safety and quality of life of their citizens.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Running Government at the Speed of Business

By running like a cutting-edge business and using the technology of today, constituents can partner in decisions, and state funds can be used when and where most critically needed. Earning the taxpayers’ trust with transparency, this government is different because they do not approach issues with a one-size fits all approach.

The Challenge

From Idealism to Reality

It was a challenge from Governor Mike Pence to his IT and Budget teams to follow his dream to a better Indiana. Knowing that the private sector is able to solve complex issues with comprehensive data management solutions, they hoped to do the same by analyzing massive volumes of information that held clues to answers that can save people’s lives.

3 Examples of Priority Initiatives for the State of Indiana:

Infant Mortality

Lower the rate of 7.7 deaths per 1,000 births


Giving ex-convicts the best second chances possible

Safer Roads

Preventing fatal traffic accidents

We don’t want to make a decision based on guesstimates or gut work. We want to make that decision based on real information at hand.

Enter SAP

Helping Indiana Be a State that Works Together

With the help of SAP and KSM Consulting, The Management and Performance Hub (MPH) project was launched with the intention of creating citizen-centric IT architecture, keeping Indiana residents at the core of all interactions. To succeed in this initiative, they needed to analyze data enterprise-wide in real-time, and track their progress against key performance indicators—all with citizen involvement and transparency.


Design Thinking Workshop Starts the Hub

Having such admirable goals to make Indiana a better state to live, and making it a smashing successful reality, was two different paths until the right way of thinking and co-innovating could happen. Enter SAP’s Design and Co-Innovation experts to start a one-week long Design Thinking Workshop.

By pulling together a large group of employees from end-users to IT and management, and including Indiana residents and other constituents, they were able to learn a new method of thinking and “Design Doing“ that made actionable plans a reality for the State of Indiana. Collaborating in a vastly different thinking space than they ever saw before enabled each person to see and understand both sides of every equation, and reach an action plan together.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Working Together to Run a More Simple, Effective State

The MPH initiative uses the SAP HANA® platform with SAP® Predictive Analytics and SAP Lumira® software. This makes an ideal platform for quickly gathering and analyzing data to drive the improvements that make life in Indiana better than ever.

The University of Notre Dame, one of Indiana’s Crown Jewels of higher education, is even getting in on the partnership. Capitalizing on the local power source of bright minds, the University and SAP are using Big Data analytics in a whole new way. In fall, 2015, Masters students taking an eight-week course on Data Analytics studied data from 160 million traffic incident records in search of new solutions based on their analyses, presenting their findings to state officials.

The benefit for the state is they get bright minds to look at some of their problems. For ESTEEM, it makes it a more robust learning experience. It gives them a chance to learn and to present on real-world problems. – Don Ginocchio, 1981 Notre Dame graduate and SAP employee

Better Business


Data is a Resource that Can Change People’s Lives

By helping the State of Indiana run simple, they are changing the culture of government, gaining taxpayer trust and collaboration, and using real-time data as a resource to change people’s lives.

Better Business: Benefits

No Longer a One Size Fits All Solution

Targeting solutions to specific problems is now possible with the MPH project, so the state can spend money wisely and help people faster.

Infant Mortality

Identified the segment of at-risk women and possible solutions for better prenatal care and education.


Better network with rehab and nonprofit organizations to hone in on their needs and status.

Safer Roads

Highway bumpers installed to the roads where more traffic accidents occur. 

Better Business: Run Simple


Collaboration is Now Second Nature

There’s a new excitement within the government offices of the State of Indiana, as now they look at issues that may have been a problem in the past as a challenges they can solve together.

To bring innovation culture into an organization is very’s about people, places and processes. SAP’s Design Thinking team came in and helped us find out what it meant and what it required to get us to that point. Now the team has begun to think in new ways, they’re excited about it, they want to bring in more people, and they want to involve them. - Paul Baltzell, CIO, State of Indiana

Journey Ahead

Staying Focused on What Matters: People

Paul Baltzell, the CIO at the State of Indiana says all CIO’s should try Design Thinking, and plans to use this new way of thinking in everything they do at the MPH. To see inside the State of Indiana’s Design Thinking workshop experience and hear more details about it, visit the SAP User Design Services story for the Hoosiers here.

Design Thinking Leaves Indelible Impression

If we can save a life, even if it’s in another state…we want to do that…
It’s a new way of thinking and you can’t just stop at one. -Paul Baltzell, CIO, State of Indiana

Run Simple
SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. This is our enduring cause; our higher purpose. Our customers look to us to help them Run Simple – to seamlessly connect people and technology, real-time. We help them re-imagine business and life to drive meaningful impact globally. With SAP HANA as the great simplifier, our customers are creating breakthroughs that solve complex, intractable problems. By transforming the world of business, we’re able to accelerate progress on big causes touching billions of people.
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