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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Helping ~200 start-up companies bring their ideas to fruition since 1994

Social Impact

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Line of Business
Finance, Human Resources, Service, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One


Number of Employees
Social Impact: ca. 50 employees

Public Sector

Social Impact and SAP have been partnering to support and build the capacity of young entrepreneurs with a social mission through the Startery. Their joint signature initiative Social Impact Start is an 8-month scholarship program that provides rising social enterprises with coaching, a co-working space, and mentorship by an SAP employee.

Startery tackles the real challenge behind the ideas...

Customer Snapshot: History

An Agency for Social Innovation
For more than 20 years, Social Impact GmbH has been developing products and services that contribute toward securing future viability and social equity. Social Impact GmbH is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1994 under the name ‘iq consult’. Since then, Social Impact has been instrumental in designing and implementing innovative qualifications and start-up support for socially disadvantaged groups.

From 2011 to 2015:

~250 teams were taken on
~200 teams setup a social enterprise

>150 national and international awards were won


In November 2015, SAP and Startery hosted an event on social entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. 27 participants from 9 countries along with 50 unique start-ups got together for a business model boot camp, discussing design thinking, and presenting their ideas. Three winners were chosen to further develop their ideas at the Social Impact lab in Berlin and make them a reality.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Start-Up Consultancy; Agency for Social Innovation

Social Impact provides expert start-up consultancy. To date, several thousand companies have been set up with the support of Social Impact. For several years, Social Impact has focused on supporting social start-ups that use their ideas to solve social challenges in an entrepreneurial way. Social start-ups are given grants that fund up to eight months of professional consultancy, coaching, workshops and co-working workplaces. Social Impact also offers foundation programs for special target groups (migrants, young unemployed people, and people with disabilities).

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Social Impact Labs

Since 2011, non-profit organization Social Impact GmbH has been developing labs offering their start-up programs. There are already Social Impact labs in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Duisburg, and Potsdam. The labs provide scope for co-working, networking, and events in addition to the start-up programs.

Social Startup Support:

This special program’s focus is to support social start-ups that use their ideas to solve social challenges in an entrepreneurial way. Social Startups are given grants that fund up to eight months of professional consultancy, coaching, workshops and co-working workplaces. Social Impact also offers start-up programs for special target groups.

In addition to Social Impact’s start-up programs, they offer various consulting components and modules, which can be combined with various programs, for example Social Impact Finance. 
Alumni of the program have founded many successful companies including a beehive kit for anybody’s balcony, a supermarket completely free of packaging or printing, and mapmaking services for the blind. Social Impact is using SAP Business One Financials as their operational backbone.

The Challenge

The Complexity of Helping Idealists Save the World

Over the past years, Social Impact has seen exponential growth: more employees and additional partners created a whole portfolio of programs to accelerate social entrepreneurs. Plus, new Social Impact Labs were opened in subsidiaries all over Germany. All this led to an increase in complexity in back office processes. SAP Business One helps organizations like Social Impact to Run Simple and focus on what really matters to them.
With all good intentions, Social Impact knew that an idea like Startery was too complex with this growth rate to facilitate without technology partners. The complexities of running Startery and evolving it from an onsite program to a global, remotely available program is just the beginning to the challenges that need to be faced while these young innovators solve the world’s social nightmares.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Collaborative Spaces

SAP helps the world Run Simple and improve people’s lives. Their CSR mission is to equip the world’s youth with skills to tackle society’s problems and thrive in the digital economy. They do this by focusing on building the capacity of innovative social enterprises that put young people on the path to successful IT careers, as well as building a skilled workforce for the IT sector with training and workforce development programs.

SAP’s B1 donation program leverages one innovative SAP technology – to help social enterprises make their impact even greater. They were fortunate enough to partner with Versino to implement SAP Business One with Social Impact and are grateful for their contribution and knowledge.

Better Business

A Better Future for All

By supporting innovation in the social arena, SAP, Startery, and Social Impact are providing a generation of social-minded visionaries with the tools they need to create a better tomorrow. Together, they are empowering these young entrepreneurs to develop successful entrepreneurial solutions that address pressing social issues. They explore social problems that spark their interest, provide mentoring, workshops, shared office space, and business tools to bring their vision of a better future to life.

Better Business: Benefits


Fruition from the Think Tank

A place where all the thinking we've done can move forward...

Better Business: Run Simple

A Positive Future Impact

This SAP mentoring program and sponsorship has provided know-how, pro bono services, content, and financial contributions that put sustainable structures in place and helped bring Social Impact programs to life.

Journey Ahead

Expanding Outside of Eastern Europe to Change the World

By training budding entrepreneurs, including those in challenging situations, SAP is helping future socially minded businesspeople of tomorrow Run Simple to make the world a better place.
Social Impact plans to grow their workshops and offer Startery remotely, so social entrepreneurs from all over the world can benefit, and thus have a greater global impact.
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