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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Some hot air balloons are large enough to hold 16 people! 

Bernalillo County is famous for its high-desert climate, Native American culture, and the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. But it is also home to more than 673,000 residents who look to their local government for services such as safety, road maintenance, and public infrastructure improvements. Today, mobile technology is helping Bernalillo deliver better public services at a lower cost to its citizens.

Bernalillo County

~US$477 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Finance, Platform and Technology, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP ERP, SAP Work Manager

Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
SAP Consulting

Public Sector

Customer Snapshot: History

 Of Old Heritage, Yet In Such a Young State

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Lots of People, Lots of Land
Bernalillo County is located in the heart of New Mexico. It’s the most populous county in the state, and includes nearly 750,000 acres of territory. County government provides its many citizens a broad variety of public services, from excellent parks to economic development.
The County Manager oversees 25 departments that range from Animal Regulation to Zoning, including the Public Works Division. The mission of this department is to provide safe, high quality public works facilities and services through long-range planning, quality design and construction, and proper maintenance.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

 …and Lots of Roads

One of the Public Works Division’s top priorities is road maintenance. Keeping the miles of roadways within the county properly maintained is no easy task, but Bernalillo County is committed to providing the highest level of service at the least cost to residents.

The Challenge

How Do We Manage So Many Work Orders?

In the past, the Public Works Division did not have an efficient way to track work orders out in the field. The previous work order creation process – which included a number of manual tasks – was time consuming and costly.
To help meet the challenges on the road ahead, Bernalillo County needed to simplify their processes. The Public Works Division was eager to maximize productivity with a user-friendly mobile solution.

Enter SAP

 A Demonstration of Success
As a long-standing customer of the SAP ERP application, Bernalillo County received a demo of the newly-available SAP Work Manager mobile app in the spring of 2012. The automated solution offered Bernalillo County the opportunity to improve response times, reduce downtime in the field, and decrease costs. In addition, it was tightly integrated with the SAP ERP plant maintenance system for precise planning, optimized scheduling, and comprehensive reporting.
Bernalillo County determined this solution was the best mobile platform for empowering the field and came to an immediate agreement.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Expert Consulting Creates Confidence
Bernalillo County’s confidence was increased further by the presence of SAP Services and their expert consulting. The public sector delivery and mobility center of excellence (CoE) resources in particular helped ensure a successful mobility project.

Together, the team was able to tailor a field solution designed by Bernalillo County employees for Bernalillo employees. SAP Consulting supported simplification by improving the user experience, streamlining processes, and enhancing automation of the mobility app.


Better Business

Mobile Access = Extreme Efficiency + A New Image

Mobile technology is changing the way people think about doing business in Bernalillo County. Bernalillo County now has a comprehensive mobile app that gives remote workers complete access to their assigned work orders and service requests. County administrators can more easily track equipment deployment and labor hours. As a result, the county has expedited response times and can accurately measure the life cycle of a work order.

The citizens of Bernalillo County benefit from fewer issues and delays from the Public Works Division.


Better Business: Benefits

Saving Valuable Time and Resources

By reducing downtime in the field, the county has eliminated unnecessary travel. Workers no longer need to travel back to the office just to return paper forms. This helps save valuable fuel and time. Additionally, the mobile app has helped address other operational needs such as tracking road conditions, defining jurisdictions for response to 911 calls, and creating an inventory of infrastructure for the annual report to the state government.

By eliminating manual processes, the county now: 

Opens work orders 50% faster 

Processes work orders 45% faster

Completes 95% of work orders within 10 days

That's just what we needed. I think people were blown away. - Bernalillo County Public Works Director

Better Business: Run Simple

Leaving Paper Behind
These improvements have eliminated paper order processing for the administration team within the Public Works Division. Today, Bernalillo County has real-time enabled data entry capability even when a wireless network connection is not available.

Journey Ahead

More Mobility is On Albuquerque’s Horizon

Leveraging this recent success, Bernalillo County is eager to extend their mobile footprint. The goal now is to expand the user base and improve work efficiencies in other county departments.
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