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Spreading Opportunity Across a Continent with SAP Skills for Africa and SAP Learning Hub

The SAP Skills for Africa program is a skills development and job creation initiative aimed at developing information and communications technology skills in Africa as part of SAP’s global commitment to promoting education and entrepreneurship. Theinitiative offers a fully paid scholarship to launch unemployed young graduates into careers as associate consultants with certification from SAP, which is a means of identifying SAP experts in the market. 
The program includes a full-time study program, an internship working within the SAP ecosystem, and access to the student edition of SAP Learning Hub, a digital learning platform for building, improving, and maintaining skills with SAP software. The student edition offers social learning with experts and peers, self-study and hands-on practice, and certification preparation tailored to the needs of students and higher-education institutions.
SAP Africa (SAP Skills for Africa program)
Johannesburg, South Africa
High Tech
Products and Services
Education about SAP solutions and certification opportunities for graduates


  • Combat high unemployment rate of skilled graduates in multiple nations throughout Africa
  • Create a localized SAP-enabled IT workforce to support the growing business need in the region
  • Promote education and entrepreneurship

Why SAP?

  • Ability to improve skills with SAP Learning Hub
  • Industry leader in high tech


  • Search for talent who understand the market and have a motivation to learn
  • Provide 3 months of full-time study with a fully paid scholarship and stipend, plus a 9- to 12-month internship
  • Give access to an SAP mentor


  • Increased employability of young graduates with associate-level certifications from SAP
  • Ability for emerging economies to better interface with the global digital economy
  • Reduction in loss of talent from continental Africa because of economic immigration


Students who passed certification exam


Students certified to date in Kenya, Morocco, and South Africa


Quality of life for families of students
We are proud to be part of the SAP Skills for Africa program. This is truly an excellent initiative. SAP has afforded young talent a rare opportunity to kick-start their careers and at the same time has created a sustainable model to offer training and help people secure employment. Wangeci Kamau, Graduate, SAP Skills for Africa

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