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Customer Snapshot: Overview


28 Countries, 136 Brands

As one of the largest bottlers and vendors of Coca-Cola products, Coca-Cola HBC serves 589 million people in 28 countries. When they stepped back for a bird’s eye view of their operations, they realized there was a bottleneck in the sales ordering process. Staffed call centers and on-site sales representatives provided a personal touch, but the company wanted to take sales online to increase efficiency and add another way for customers to interact and purchase products.

Coca-Cola HBC AG

€6.510 billion

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Sales, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
UX design services from SAP


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UX design services from SAP



Customer Snapshot: History

A History of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Leading the Alcohol-Free Beverage Industry

Coca-Cola HBC AG serves 589 million people in 28 countries. They are one of the largest bottlers and vendors of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the world, and the largest based in Europe. Their unique portfolio of brands, mix of geographies and passion for marketplace implementation make them a leader in the alcohol-free beverage industry.

Their geographic footprint expands and extends from as far west as Galway, Ireland, to Petropavlovsk, the easternmost point of Russia. This breadth provides attractive growth opportunities and reduces our dependence on any particular market. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Coca-Cola HBC serves business customers by offering more than 136 brands, including soft drinks, juices, water, and sports and energy drinks.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

In conducting operations across 28 countries, they provide guidance, support and supervision to each operation while placing day-to-day management and operations in the hands of local employees with a deep familiarity of their own country, its business practices and community aspirations. Their presence in established and developing countries provide a stable source of revenues and cash flow, while emerging countries provide significant growth opportunities.

Bring togetherness, spread happiness and inspire a better future – Company Mission

The Challenge

Form Follows Function

Coca-Cola HBC wanted to ensure widespread use of their new Web Shop. Their goal was to make ordering items as easy as shopping at Amazon for customers throughout Europe, Africa and Russia, and to do that, the real needs and requirements of the end users had to be discovered. They looked to SAP UX Design Services to discover the end users’ needs. The Design & Co-Innovation Center (DCC) from SAP was asked to observe and interview the target group and involve the end users in the design process.
To improve the user experience in your applications, you always need business process experts, user interface experts, and technology experts working closely together. That is really a key success factor to me! — Hristo Enev, Solution Architecture Manager, Coca-Cola HBC

Enter SAP

Data Satisfied a Team Thirsty for User Input

Little did the team suspect how diverse and unique their customer base was. With the new data in, SAP Design Consultants discovered that many businesses preferred ordering late at night after closing time, while others had no internet access on-site and still others prefer cash-only transactions. The data was analyzed and used to create personas as well as user stories that described the typical Coca-Cola HBC customers. 

From those profiles, the team was able to create a framework that would fulfill the needs of multiple types of users across all of the companies that Coca-Cola HBC serves.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Translating Data Into Great Design that Works

The DCC team developed the wireframe into a fully functional web shop and so far, end-users are pleased with the newly designed web portal and would not wish for anything else. The design team created an easy-to-use interaction and visual design based on the findings from the workshops, user research, user tests and interviews, creating a completely new way of online shopping. With the newly designed web channel customers can now order online 24/7/365, whenever their needs dictate. The appealing visual design doesn’t just look good – it also offers speedy, error-free, simple ordering.

Given the possibility to order 24/7, to have clarity about available products and invoices… for me the web portal of Coca Cola Hellenic is perfect! — Jan Pína, Manager at Beer Factory & Zephyr

Better Business


The Customers Knew Best

The new online sales channel has simplified the way orders are placed and empowers customers to place orders on their own schedules. Consulting the end user can sometimes open a Pandora’s box of issues, but in this case, with this team, the decision to simply ask users what they wanted and needed was a calculated risk that really paid off.

Better Business: Benefits


The Customers Have Spoken

When you discover what your customers need, it’s a lot easier to give them what they want. In this case, customers are utilizing the web portal to place their orders, manage their accounts and view order history for greater insights and transparency into their account information.

Better Business: Run Simple

Better Online Order Design

A good system is only as good as its benefit to users. SAP UX Design Services responded to what the customers needed from the system and designed a web portal around their needs. The Run Simple approach has helped Coca-Cola HBC meet their customers needs and keep business running smoothly.

The insights gained from the interviews with customers and creative workshops with our business experts in several pilot countries were essential to deliver easy-to-use interaction design. According to this concept, SAP designers delivered an attractive visual design, which translates our brand and creates a pleasant visual appearance. — Philipa Nikolaeva, BSS Market to Cash Delivery Manager Coca-Cola HBC
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