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Customer Snapshot: Overview

By 2050, the world's population is expected to grow by 22% - from 7 billion to 9 billion

To satisfy the growing hunger of mankind, the world will have to double today’s food production using virtually the same amount of land. Novus International is working daily to solve that challenge with innovations driven by localized research and development in nutrition and animal health, to boost farm yields across the planet and to prevent livestock diseases that affect meat edibility, and human health. Knowing these innovations will be the key driver to realize its vision, Novus started to transform its business.

Novus International, Inc.

US$1.2 billion (2011)

Number of Employees

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St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
ITC Infotech India Limited

Line of Business
Platform and Technology, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Afaria, SAP ERP, SAP Supply Chain Performance Management, Sybase Unwired Platform

Striving to Meet the Growing Need for Nutrition and Health — GLOBALLY

Customer Snapshot: History

Health through Nutrition for Livestock, Pets and People

Novus International, Inc. was founded in 1991, but the company´s scientific roots and history originated over 50 years ago. Today, the Novus product portfolio provides a holistic approach to Health through Nutrition for livestock, pets and people.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Providing Animal Nutrition Solutions in Over 100 Countries

The company’s mission is to help make its customers sustainable by enabling them to do more with less. Novus is a global leader in animal nutrition solutions, providing products and services for agriculture, livestock, poultry, and domestic animals. Serving over 2,400 customers, ranging from animal nutritionists to veterinarians and individual owners, Novus operates in more than 100 countries.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Committed to a Worthy Global Vision

Novus’ vision is to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food, and achieve a higher quality of life through better nutrition practices. To implement its vision Novus strives to:

– Develop solutions towards the responsible production of food to benefit people now – and in generations to come.
– Provide commercial solutions to reduce waste, and promote the reuse and/or recycling of our  natural resources.  

The company is committed to sustainable, environmental, safety, health and security programs to achieve success through integrity. This commitment extends beyond social obligations or regulations.

Staying focused on keeping the mission and making customers sustainable.

The Challenge

Sustainably Doubling Food Production by 2050 —without More Land

To meet the needs of an ever-growing global population, the world will have to double the amount of food it currently produces by the year 2050. And we’ll have to achieve that with no additional arable land.

Novus is helping farmers around the world find better ways to produce affordable and wholesome food. As a leading developer of animal health and nutrition programs, Novus is committed to helping the world meet that growing demand for food and to do so in a sustainable fashion.

Needing an enterprise-wide solution.

For a global company with only 800 employees, having information fingertip ready is mission critical, as it´s allowing Novus’ leadership to ensure that staff is allocated efficiently.

Enter SAP

3 Key Innovation Goals

Enabling the IT organization to deliver information in such a way that everyone across the enterprise is using same data within the same processes, was a key enabler for the company.

Knowing that innovation will be the key driver to realize its vision, Novus started to transform its business in 3 ways:

Creating more efficient supply chain operations.

Centrally managing sales and marketing information.

Enabling its rural sales force to collaborate with customers anytime, anywhere.


Integrating all business pieces.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

The Right Partner to Help a Lean Organization

Working with its partner ITC, Novus realized that in order to make their customers more sustainable, they needed to become more sustainable. As a lean organization with only 800 employees across 100 countries that serve 2,400 customers globally, getting products in place at the right time, and efficient inventory and production management for the customers is paramount.

With the help of ITC, Novus was able to leverage the ERP investment to collect actionable information by tying it back to the company´s critical success factors, which ultimately will drive their ability to be more profitable, making the company and its customer more sustainable.

Better Business

To help feed the world, Novus requires real-time global visibility and a flexible supply chain that can adapt quickly to evolving business needs.

Novus is using core SAP functionality, such as SAP ERP and SAP Supply Chain Performance Management together with innovative solutions, such as Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Afaria to make better business decisions based on faster and easier access to vital information.

Better Business: Benefits


Unclogging the Bottleneck

Besides standardized business processes and improved performance globally, Novus is now looking at higher customer satisfaction from fewer supply chain bottlenecks. In addition, the company’s employees are excited about the mobile strategy and expansion of portable devices.

Improving across the business.

Some benefits include:

Greater flexibility in building key performance indicators (KPIs) for enterprise-wide performance management.

Improved decision making via faster access to clear performance metrics.

Better ability to manage operations and take timely, proactive actions.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Engaging Excited Users, and Loosening the Reigns

A critical success factor for Novus was to channel the business groups’ enthusiasm for new technologies, such as leveraging mobile devices and cloud technologies, and asking business users for their input. Novus is using this approach to help guide both its internal and customer-facing mobile strategies. But effectively tapping into that enthusiasm means truly listening to the business users and giving up some of the strict control IT usually wields.

Our employees and management wanted to know when they could access the data on their iPhones, just like they saw in the commercials.

Better Business: Run Simple

Letting User Enthusiasm Drive Successful Change

Almost immediately after the SAP ERP go-live, Novus IT users were asking for the ERP system’s reporting and business intelligence capabilities on their mobile devices. Some mobile pilot projects that leverage SAP ERP are already underway at Novus.

Empowering our customers—no matter where they are.

Mobility Creates Efficiency and Sustainability Around the World

Mobile technology will enable Novus to not just focus on how to make the company more efficient, but also how they could help make the farmers in the middle of southern Japan, or in the middle of Africa, more efficient and sustainable.

Journey Ahead

Creating a Healthier Planet
Novus believes that with SAP technology, it is better prepared to manage the challenges lying ahead: increased visibility into KPIs gives the company new opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating inefficiencies across the supply chain.
When Novus representatives meet with farmers in rural Africa or China, they have all the information they need to jointly develop a customized nutrition program at an affordable price, and can capture latest information on livestock that will empower the research team to develop even better solutions. Farmers can feel confident that they will be able to meet food demand profitably and sustainably.

With less hunger in the world, families can focus on providing for their children’s future.

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