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Influence and Adopt

We offer a range of free programs that give customers the opportunity to influence SAP software development decisions and adopt new innovations early on. Do you have a great idea for a new product? Would you like to see a specific SAP enhancement or feature? Want to experience SAP beta software – and implement new releases as soon as they hit the market? If so, we have the perfect offerings for you.

Explore our existing opportunities

The Customer Influence site is the central hub for your software influence and beta testing opportunities. Projects are grouped by line of business, industry, or product category. The activities within the projects range from short to long-term – and include idea submission, beta test participation, customer collaboration, and more. Login required. 

Learn more about our Customer Influence programs

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Prepare your user account

The Customer Influence website uses SAP Cloud Identity for authentication management and is open for all people with an SAP user account.  

Receive updates on new customer projects

Sign up to receive notifications about the latest Customer Influence and beta testing projects. 

Take your first steps on Customer Influence

Learn how to get started by reading our quickstart guide on navigating the Customer Influence website. 

Get connected and influence software development at SAP

We have four main customer influence programs. The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative asks for your ideas during the development process. Our SAP Beta Testing program lets you weigh-in on a new product before its release. The SAP Early Adopter Care program helps you deploy new innovations ahead of the competition. And the SAP Customer Connection program gives you an easy way to request enhancements post go-live.

Get involved early in the development process

The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative gives customers and partners early insights into new SAP product developments. Afterwards, product managers will ask for the participants’ honest assessment, input, and ideas.

  • Participate in remote or on-site sessions to discuss ideas and see if they fit customer requirements*
  • Collaborate with SAP product management to shape new product features
  • Build a network with other SAP customers and partners using the same product

Provide feedback on products before they’re released

SAP Beta Testing is designed for customers who are interested in testing and experiencing our upcoming, soon-to-be-released products. Working closely with the SAP team, participants review the software, conduct beta tests and provide feedback for future releases. There are different ways to experience SAP software before its official release:

  • Rely on SAP test data provided to you on SAP systems which allow you to follow pre-defined test scenarios, either remotely or on-site at selected SAP locations.
  • Use your own data and install the beta software in your own landscape to explore new features and functions with your own processes before official release.** You can autonomously download and test the software by yourself or can rely  on the support of SAP experts who guide you through the process.

Implement new SAP innovations ahead of the competition

Be among the first to adopt new SAP software with the SAP Early Adopter Care program.*** Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to ensure a successful implementation. Interested? You can register for the program during the first few months after new software has been released.

  • Realize business benefits right from the time of market availability – at low, managed risk
  • Get a dedicated SAP Early Adopter Care project coach to ensure a successful implementation 
  • Get a head start with access to the Early Knowledge Transfer (EKT) program

Collaborate on software enhancements

Help us improve the SAP software you use today by suggesting small enhancements via the SAP Customer Connection program. This simple process offers you the opportunity to weigh-in on future, easy-to-consume updates – so you can incrementally grow the value of your SAP investments.*

  • Fine-tune your SAP products and solutions – and influence SAP direction to benefit your organization
  • Collaborate with SAP on improvement projects – organized by defined focus topics
  • Get quick-to-adopt, non-disruptive enhancements delivered via SAP Notes and support packages

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