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Philipp's story

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Most people you will meet at SAP are kind, helpful and open minded, which creates a good working atmosphere.

Philipp Stehle

Philipp Stehle has been with SAP for 7 years, starting out as a student and working full time for the past two years. Having grown up south of Germany near Lake Constance, he now lives with his wife and cat Lua close to the SAP offices in Walldorf.

“I first heard of SAP in my teenage years because both of my parents use SAP software in their own jobs. When I started my “Duales Studium” back in 2013 at the DHBW Friedrichshafen it was a logical choice for me to join the largest European software company and learn the many different aspects of developing and distributing software. After my Bachelor’s degree was finished, I joined the Master’s program at SAP, which allowed me to do my Masters at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. After my studies I started working full time and am now a Senior Developer. I also act as a substitute for our product owner in times of absence. This allows me to have a bigger influence on the product we are building, but I’m always happy to return to coding when our product owner returns from vacation!

In our team, we do 100% pair programming, which means two developers share one computer (with multiple screens, keyboard and mice connected). This is a great way to learn from each other, no matter if freshly graduated or experienced.

Working at SAP has contributed in different ways to my overall success in life. The most obvious one is that it is my source of income! Of course “money can’t buy happiness”, but not having money can make you unhappy very quickly. Another area where SAP contributed to my overall happiness is the people. Most people you will meet at SAP are kind, helpful and open minded, which creates a good working atmosphere. Many people here at SAP invested their time in my development especially during my Bachelor and Master's degrees and I’m thankful for this.

I’m a full-time nerd so outside of work I spend some of my spare time on computer science topics such as home automation topics and rolling my own mail server. When not at a screen I make use of my scuba diving license and enjoy gardening and cooking. I am also a big American football fan and whenever the Denver Broncos play, I set my alarm for 2am to watch them – I haven’t missed a game in the last few years.”

Fun facts:

  • When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?  I wanted to be an excavator driver.
  • If you could do any other job tomorrow what would it be? I turned my hobby into a stable income, so why would I want to do another job?

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