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Sarah Prielhofer

Associate Agile Developer

Sarah's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


Our working hours are not monitored and so we are able to organize our working dayon our own and there is always the option for home office.

Sarah Prielhofer  

Sarah Prielhofer is an Associate Agile Developer with SAP's Industry Cloud in Tägerwilen, Switzerland.

"I first heard of SAP from my uncle when I was probably 16 years old and I was still in school. My uncle is a customer of SAP and he always told me stories from his work. After I started studying informatics, he always told me, that I am going to be part of SAP and will make the good software even better. Well, I never thought as a young girl, that he was right.

I was born and raised in Austria. Last year, I came to SAP Switzerland to do my bachelor’s degree internship. After my internship I got the offer to stay as a developer and because I liked the internship so much, I extended my stay here in Switzerland. My current home is located around 20 minutes by car away from my office.

I am currently part of a Scrum Team of about 10 people. Right now, we are developing a big project with other teams. In our team we are developing mainly the back end of the project. We are analyzing requirements of the customer and are building possible solutions from scratch. Then we develop the solutions while working in pairs – always two people are sitting in front of the computer and are coding together. It is like a game – one is coding and the other one tries to find all possible weak spots by creating tests, which challenge the code.

The best thing at SAP is its people. I was able to get to know a lot of awesome people and I would say, that the best moment(s) are the gatherings at the coffee corner. Be it the birthday celebrations – it’s tradition at our location that everyone celebrating a birthday has to bring cake - or daily chats during the breaks.

I also really like the flexible working model. Our working hours are not monitored and so we are able to organize our working day on our own and there is always the option for home office.

And what I like about the culture as well is that there is no discrimination at all. Women are treated equally than men – no salary differences, and interns are put into important roles and their job is not to bring the coffee for the others!"



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