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Subhobrata Dey

Senior Software Engineer

Subhobrata's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


SAP has sculpted my life. SAP has allowed me to growfrom a 22-year old college fresher to a matured engineer.

Subhobrata Dey

Subhobrata is a Senior Software Engineer living in California. He started at SAP 8 years ago having been offered a role in India after graduation.

As a Computer Science student, I always dreamt of being associated with a company which is known for innovation, and SAP was always in my wish list since then.

I joined SAP Labs India as an Associate Developer in June 2012 on HANA. In June 2014 I moved to the IOT AE project where I worked as a Developer building the foundation layer for IOT applications. During my days with the IOT AE project, I did a mini fellowship in Walldorf where I designed a file storage solution for IOT AE project. Thereafter, in 2016 I moved to the US as a Support Consultant working on SAP CPI and SAP CP. Due to my passion for Software Development, I joined the SAP C4C Machine Learning team in February 2017 in Palo Alto and spent 2 years there designing and developing an ML platform for some C4C ML use cases. Most recently, in Sept 2019, I moved to Eureka team at SAP Labs Newport Beach as a Senior Software Engineer.

My current role as a Senior Software Engineer allows me to not only focus on the current product development, but also what’s coming in the future. As we have just started the project, I believe it is the most exciting time to be part of this group because there is lot of new stuff to learn.

I have always cherished to work with some of the best minds in SAP and in my current role I’m given the opportunity to do so. I also like management’s focus on innovation and the start-up mentality.

I would like to thank all my colleagues, architects, managers and product owners who helped me in evolving from a college fresher to a Senior Software Engineer. I’m also grateful to them for teaching me work ethics that will always be with me and help me to grow in future.

The definition of success for me is to innovate and bring those innovations into SAP products which makes customers happy. Since the beginning of my career, SAP has allowed me to contribute in a wide variety of products from databases to middleware to foundation layer to applications.

My best moment at SAP came when I solved a smaller technology challenge given by my first Architect. The solution was adopted by several other teams and our CPO had sent an email to appreciate my work.

SAP is always a strong supporter of employee wellness and employee’s work-life balance is of primary importance.

Outside of my work, I love traveling with my family and generally do not miss any long weekends. Recently, I have started to learn cooking with my wife.

When I was a child, the job of a bus conductor fascinated me, but now I could not think of any other job than developing software as an engineer!

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