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Stuart Bratton

IT Technology Senior Consultant

Stuart's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

I've always enjoyed the rush of challenges and helping people in need.

Stuart Bratton

Stuart’s passion for challenges and helping people in need have taken him from the streets of Canada to The Isle of Wight, where he is an IT Consultant for SAP as well as a crew member for the local sea rescue.

Stuart grew up around computers, because his father was designer. His family traveled the world for his father’s job, and he fell in love with the sea, taking up surfing and working as a lifeguard. That all changed when he hit a rough patch and ended up living on the streets of Calgary, Canada at the age of 15. But he picked himself up and went back to school, receiving a degree in IT, and is now an IT consultant for SAP. He loves working for a global leader in business software because he enjoys working with people from around the world, and he gets a rush from the interesting problems he solves.

Stuart truly enjoys helping people, and SAP provides him the flexibility to do something else he loves – working on a sea rescue lifeboat. Since joining the crew of Freshwater Independent Lifeboat (F.I.L.B.), Stuart has played an active role in 15 rescue missions. He has the full support of his SAP colleagues, who know that he may get a call and need to immediately jump from a meeting and go save someone’s life. Between the heavy boat traffic and unpredictable weather, a lot can go wrong on a rescue boat, but Stuart welcomes the challenge, because that’s who he is. He was also able to bring skills he learned at SAP to boost the fundraising efforts of the F.I.L.B. and has plans to revamp their website and phone system in the new year.

"I think what it says about SAP to enable that kind of flexibility is that they’re truly open to new ways of working," says Stuart. "SAP gives you the freedom and the ability to do what you need to do. If you have an interest in anything they’ll help you achieve that. If you have a goal, they’ll help you achieve that."

SAP is proud to help him achieve all his goals.

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