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Jo Morrow Aimandi

Head of SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Services, Asia Pacific & Japan

Jo's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I loved working with everyone and seeing all of us grow and change as our team evolved to truly embody the philosophy of ‘one’ team.

Jo Morrow Aimandi

Next time you’re at a crowded amusement park and you have to pick the most suitable spot on a roller-coaster, just follow Jo Morrow Aimandi. She knows how to smooth out bumpy rides.

SAP had completed its acquisition of Software as a Service Cloud company SuccessFactors in February 2012 and I joined SAP SuccessFactors in November, 2012. As the companies worked towards merging the SuccessFactors operations with SAP, I worked as a consultant and project manager leading SAP SuccessFactors implementations in Australia & New Zealand.

It was a time of immense change. Our consulting and delivery team expanded as we underwent a massive merger of mindsets and culture, taking on both cloud-based and on-premise based employees in the HCM space. It was a bumpy ride for everyone as people were re-skilling in new solutions and figuring out how they fitted into a cloud-based world. Although we were now technically one team, we still operated independently and didn't feel like a cohesive team.

In 2015, I was promoted to Head of SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Services, Australia & New Zealand to lead the team. Over the course of my first six months, I spent a lot of time building our team spirit and setting a compelling vision of who we are and how we run as a team. I was proud to lead our team and loved working with everyone and seeing all of us grow and change as our team evolved to truly embody the philosophy of ‘one’ team, while building a strong reputation not just in the market but internally as well, with our customer-first approach to services and support in the SAP SuccessFactors space.

In March 2016, during the closing remarks for SKOM (Services Kick Off Meeting) in Sydney, Bruce McKinnon, the former Head of SAP Customer Success, Australia & New Zealand, asked ‘everyone from Concur, Fieldglass, Ariba and SuccessFactors’ to stand up to welcome them to the SAP family. To the broader SAP organization and the acquired companies, the latter were still seen as separate entities and the warm welcome was appreciated because it reiterated that we were a part of the SAP family.

I stood up, expecting only employees who were part of the acquisition to stand up. Boom. It was one of my proudest moments as a leader. I looked around at my team and saw my entire team stand up together as one. It didn't matter if people were new to the team, part of the SuccessFactors acquisition or long-term SAP employees; everyone was standing, united. We stood as one team, one spirit, one SAP! That moment was pivotal for all of us. Since that time, our SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Services team in Australia & New Zealand has continued to go from strength to strength, building an outstanding brand and reputation across the SAP business and with our customers. ONE SAP!

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