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Werner Aigner

Lead Architect for C/4HANA Suite

Werner's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.


I find it really astonishing that SAP, despite its size, is still a company where the individual can make a difference, can shape the future, and can drive ideas and topics.

Werner Aigner

The first time I heard of SAP was by a university classmate whose friend was working there and who was very enthusiastic about it. I started in September 1993 and I’ve been at SAP for exactly 25 years now. Saying that out loud, I have really become quite an old guy in this company! And there are many people like me who have been with SAP for decades because we can’t deny we are in a supportive environment, working with great people, where we can thrive and have a lot of fun.

SAP back then was a small company of about 3,500 employees and not really known even in my home country, Germany. Little did I know then that SAP would end up becoming one of the most successful and well-known companies in the world with an employee population rivaling that of a decent sized town! But that size shouldn’t be any cause for intimidation! There are a lot of opportunities for personal development and a lot of awesome and inspirational people.

It was my friend’s infectious enthusiasm that made me curious and inspired me to apply. When visiting SAP for the first time to have the interview, I was very impressed by the mood, the people, and the energy I felt everywhere. It was like, “we can change the world” and back then, actually we did with R/3! Over the 25 years I’ve been here working on different topics under different management, not everything was always a piece of cake. But I could always draw energy and motivation from conversations with other colleagues and they were always the ones who kept me going.

Today, I am the Lead Architect for SAP Customer Experience solutions since it was announced. I work with the individual applications in CX, with other teams in SAP, and with customers on defining the SAP Customer Experience solutions strategy from an architectural perspective. I am also a member of the CTO Circle at SAP as a representative of SAP CX there. Outside of work, I’m married with two kids, ages 20 and 16. I love traveling, riding motorcycles, skiing, and swimming. I’m an avid reader and, since my studies from before my time at SAP were in Physics, I still try to follow physics and mathematics for intellectual reasons.

In my current role, I focus on strategic topics and innovation, especially in the area of applying modern cloud-native approaches like microservices or serverless to complement and modernize our solution portfolio within SAP Customer Experience solutions. I am a topic guy – that’s why I’m an expert not a manager. For me, success is to learn and to bring new thinking into SAP. It is very satisfying to see if the concepts you are developing make it into the product.

I think one of the things I am still most proud of, is a fundamental architecture change, which I managed to establish in BW between release 1.2 and 2.0, which enabled us to grow towards 6000+ customers in a rather short amount of time. I saw the issue, I made a proposal, the team accepted the change, the manager supported the investment. The outcome ended up being even better than my initial proposal as the rest of the team had great contributions after we decided to involve the whole team! I find it really astonishing that SAP, despite its size, is still a company where the individual can make a difference, can shape the future, and can drive ideas and topics. I think that we have wonderful teams and that collaboration is often very easy even across locations.

The great thing about SAP, is that it keeps me happy and positive. I’m proud of the 25 years I have spent here and I am proud to be an ambassador of this company! When I first came to SAP, I was highly motivated and enthusiastic and got to work with so many amazing colleagues to change the world. And I have to say, this hasn‘t changed.

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