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Business Integrity Screening Software

Improve the detection and prevention of anomalies to mitigate fraud risk and reduce losses – with powerful Big Data screening software from SAP.

Scan large volumes of data in real time with increased accuracy to detect and prevent fraud and errors. The software helps you identify anomalous activity quickly using flexible rule sets and predictive analyses that can help uncover potential fraud patterns.

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Anomaly detection and compliance checks
  • Alert investigation
  • Risk identification using predictive analytics 


Key Benefits

Minimize fraud risk

Protect revenue and reduce fraud-induced losses by screening high volumes of transactions for anomalies.

Identify suspicious patterns

Use behavioral analytics to detect and investigate suspicious patterns, so you can take the necessary steps to mitigate future fraud risk.

Increase productivity

Benefit from powerful analytics capabilities that reduce false positives, improving the productivity of investigative teams.

Key Capabilities

Exception detection and compliance checks

Receive alert notifications for exception scenarios that are relevant to your organization – such as employee theft, corruption, incorrect transactions, or warranty fraud.

Calibration of detection strategies

Refine your detection strategies with calibration and simulation features to perform what-if analyses on historical data and assess which approaches are most effective.

Prevention and deterrence

Analyze exception-based scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence and determine which approaches are most effective in deterring anomalous and fraudulent activity.

Business partner screening

Avoid doing business with high-risk or sanctioned parties by screening against lists from government agencies, international organizations, and private content providers.

Join the conversation

Help detect fraud and investigate suspicious patterns faster

Learn how to respond effectively to ever-changing detection patterns by calibrating your classified data set with real-time calibration. Use and build scenarios which help you to find suspicious payments, via deterministic detection methods augmented by predictive capabilities.

Release Highlights

Take advantage of recent innovations

Learn about new features delivered in the latest release of SAP Business Integrity Screening.

Pricing and Packaging

Licensing and purchasing

Start with the packages and licenses your organization needs right now and add more users and functionality as your needs evolve. SAP Business Integrity Screening is available for use on premise or in the cloud. If deployed on premise, this product requires a perpetual license.

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