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Automated Payroll Processing

Help ensure accurate payroll calculation, monitor payroll processes, and improve organizational results.

Efficient payroll management

Increase speed of execution by automating payroll processes and taking corrective measures without delay.

Automated payroll calculation

Remove manual work with built-in retro calculations and off-cycle support.

Proactive payroll information

Leverage actionable payroll advice based on real-time insights, key statistics, and proactive payroll alerts.

Employee payroll self-services

Provide consumer-grade employee experiences with self-service payroll functionality delivered through an intuitive mobile application.

Global Payroll Management and Localization

Harmonize payroll processes based on a single payroll solution and use global localization capabilities.

Unified payroll management

Reduce the cost of HR operations by harmonizing and consolidating payroll cycles on a single platform.

Localized tax compliance management

Use embedded payroll tax localization functionality for more than 40 countries, kept current by over 1,300 product experts.

Best-in-class payroll management

Deploy a payroll solution used for nearly 100 million people worldwide, across all industries and organizational sizes.

Payroll Integrations

Connect HR, time management, benefits administration, and compensation processes, while increasing agility for HR operations.

Standardized processes

Support consistent processes across HR, payroll, time management, compensation, and benefits administration.

Alignment with HR operating models

Run inhouse payroll operations or consume additional payroll outsourcing services using our partner-managed cloud.

Best-in-class integration capabilities

Reduce risk and lower cost of operations by leveraging productized integrations.

Ecosystem of partner solutions

Go beyond payroll using innovative partner software from SAP App Center.

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