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Solve your specific supply chain and logistics needs

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Using warehouse robotics to fast-track picking

We created a prototype that integrates SAP EWM with Fetch Robotics. In this video, you’ll see a potential use case for the prototype – warehouse workers and connected, autonomous robots working together to optimize the picking process. 

Moving from mass production to mass customization

Today’s empowered customers expect individualized products with lightning-fast delivery times. Learn how digital technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and the IoT can help you meet their needs – profitably. 

Digitizing logistics and supply chain management

Find out how the wider portfolio of SAP solutions, from SAP S/4HANA to SAP Leonardo, use the latest technologies to help you run intelligent logistics and supply chain management processes. Learn more about each process in detail. 

Choose your SAP logistics solution

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) optimizes basic warehouse processes like inventory management – and adds complex functionality for high-volume warehouses. Capabilities include multi-level kitting, labor demand planning, advanced yard logistics, and more. 

  • Cloud, hybrid, or on-premise deployment
  • Warehouse automation and IoT connectivity
  • Inbound and outbound processing
  • Storage and inventory management

SAP Transportation Management

Streamline and integrate your transportation management processes. This solution can help you accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes, consolidate orders, and optimize logistics. Maximize the return on your transportation spend – and improve on-time deliveries. 

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Strategic freight and order management
  • Real-time transportation logistics
  • Powerful analytics and dashboards
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SAP Global Track and Trace

Get real-time visibility into the location, condition, and fulfillment status of your goods in transit. This cloud-based track and trace software can help you manage by exception, minimize firefighting, provide quick insights to stakeholders, and reduce supply chain risks. 

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time situational insights
  • Event-driven operations
  • Carrier collaboration and system integration

SAP Yard Logistics

Simplify truck, ocean container, and rail yard management with SAP Yard Logistics. This solution uses a graphical layout to help you monitor and visualize your yard in real time. Easily schedule incoming and outgoing loads, track assets, connect with sensors, bill – and more. 

  • On-premise deployment
  • Faster, more accurate yard operations
  • Cleaning, repair, and dangerous goods checks
  • Intuitive interface and mobile support

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Supply chain execution with SAP

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faster order fulfillment

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inventory visibility across all locations

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less capital tied up in stock

Farma-Tek customer case study

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