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What are SAP Crystal solutions?

SAP Crystal solutions include analytics and reporting software solutions for  small and midsize businesses. The different products enable deeper insights into business information and can help you position your organization for a greater competitive advantage.

Understand your business and share the facts

Provide ready-to-consume information as reports and dashboards to colleagues, suppliers, partners, and customers.

Share intelligence across your entire corporation

Get the business information you need from all your data sources with the simplicity of a keyword search.

Access and act on mission-critical insights

Leverage our runtime engine, flexible API, and intuitive report viewer that deliver an integrated reporting experience.

SAP Crystal Reports

Enable report designers and business users to create formatted, and interactive reports using data from diverse sources.

Controlled access to business data

Connect to almost any data source using standard data access protocols.

Intuitive tools for data analysis

Get preconfigured functionality for sorting, ranking, grouping, formatting, and creating formulas, parameters, and searches.

Templates for reports and documents

Use templates for invoices, letters, statements, and reports for sales and operations, campaigns, and loyalty programs.

SAP Crystal Server

Explore, manage, and share personalized reports, dashboards, and analytics with entry-level BI tools.

Flexible licensing options

Choose from named user licenses for frequent users and  access licenses that are better suited for intermittent users.


Access management features

Provide data access for 1 to 150 internal or external users and lock down the capabilities that each user can access.

Self-service or automated content delivery

Enable guided self-service BI access or automate publishing and delivery of personalized reports for up to 1,000 recipients.

SAP Crystal Reports Viewer

Open, view, explore, save, and share your reports without IT support, even while working offline, with our free viewer.

Intuitive navigation features

Navigate through your reports and find the exact information you're looking for.

Multiple export formats

Export reports to several formats including PDF files or save them to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform.

Free Developer Tools

Learn about developer-only versions of SAP Crystal solutions.

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio

Generate interactive reports without leaving Visual Studio with this flexible and free software.

Create reports

Use report creation, integration, and delivery tools to send interactive, graphical reports on any device.

Work with an embedded solution

Install the software directly into Visual Studio and integrate reports with Microsoft applications.


Generate reports automatically based on database fields added to the report, without needing expertise in SQL programming.

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse

Embed interactive reports into Java applications for free with powerful design, data access, and integration features.

Direct access

Access major databases directly from Eclipse and use a visual database pane to create links between multiple data sources. 

Easy visualization

Extend the default editor by adding custom features, or design cross-tab reports to easily visualize data in a tabular form. 

Quick updates

Make changes to reports that are already populated with data, directly in the preview window. 

Looking for report examples?

View examples of different reports that can be created using SAP Crystal solutions across all lines of businesses and industries. 

Financial reports

Communicate with external stakeholders with confidence through official income statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports.

HR reports

Analyze and report on HRIS data to provide the tools which enable managers and employees to perform at their best.

Sales reports

Get a comprehensive view of sales performance with the ability to drill-down to the order level to understand your sales numbers and analysis.

Promotional campaigns

Create pixel-perfect marketing letters, catalogues and brochures created with Crystal Reports using your own data and images, etc.

Pre-printed forms

Refresh your reports as often as needed using parameters (date range, ID #, zip code, etc.) to produce compliance-ready forms which look identical to pre-printed forms sourced from governments, banks and other institutions.

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