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SAP HANA streaming analytics is now available with
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Streaming analytics adds real-time streaming analytics to the SAP HANA platform, making it easy for developers to incorporate smart stream capture and active event monitoring, alerting and event-driven response to their HANA applications. 

Here we provide official resources to learn about smart data streaming. 


New to SAP HANA streaming analytics?

Analyze and act on data as it arrives. Whether its sensor data from smart devices, social media feeds, market prices, or click streams from a web site, SAP HANA streaming analytics can extract insight from that raw data, allowing you to respond as fast as things happen. 

Rich streaming analytics

Apply complex processing logic, including machine learning functions, to identify patterns, calculate aggregates and detect problems by combining real time events with historic reference data to generate predictions and alerts enabling systems to act in real time.

Alerts and response

Analyze incoming messages, watching for patterns or trends. Evaluate new information in the context of other information.  Detect situations and enable immediate response.

Power live dashboards

Continuously compute key performance indicators, streaming updates and alerts, in real-time, to live operational dashboards.

Smart capture

Filter, aggregate or transform incoming streams of messages, capturing useful information in the SAP HANA database. Highly scalable, able to absorb data a high rates.

Machine learning

Integrated machine learning capabilities in the SAP HANA streaming analytics engine provide the ability to generate and use predictions in real time.

Internet of Things

Analyze and transform data streaming in from massive numbers of smart devices. Extract insight and respond as fast as things happen.

Under the hood: SAP HANA streaming analytics

The streaming analytics server runs as a separate server in the SAP HANA landscape, separate from, but interacting with, the SAP HANA database.  

Summary matrix

Features Details
Real-time low latency response
Continuous dataflow computation optimized for real-time response. Typical latency between input (arrival of new information) and output is a few milliseconds
Highly scalable
Multi-threaded compute architecture scales up on larger machines, with scale out using multi-node clusters. Process a thousand events per second or millions of events per second
event processing language
Simple and familiar, define stream processing models as continuous queries, using SQL-like statements to easily define event windows, apply filters, aggregate data, and join events to other streams or to SAP HANA tables
Custom operators and functions Simple in-line scripting language lets you define custom operators, event handlers and functions
Design time
tools in SAP HANA Studio
Streaming plug-in for SAP HANA Studio and for Eclipse provides tools for building models and testing them. Both visual and text editors, plus stream viewer, record/playback, event input and other tools simplify model creation and deployment
REST and WebSocket
For publishing events, subscribing to output, and managing projects
Adapters for rapid integration A range of adapters for common interfaces and data formats are included
Adapter toolkit and API
An adapter toolkit (Java) as well as an API (C/C++, Java, .NET) are included, making it easy to build custom adapter or add native connectivity to an application
Management via SAP HANA Cockpit The streaming server(s), projects (data models) and adapters are all managed from the SAP HANA Cockpit

Try it now

Install SAP HANA, express edition with your chosen method of installation on-premise or in the cloud. Your default installation of SAP HANA, express edition is free to use for in-memory databases up to 32GB of RAM. Memory capacity increases beyond 32GB are available for purchase from the SAP Store.

On-premise or hybrid

SAP HANA, express edition can be downloaded and installed on your local computing device like a laptop or desktop computer. There are two ways to perform on-premise installations: 

Public cloud

SAP HANA, express edition is now available to use in the cloud. 
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