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Showcase: Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn

Cavitation Alerts by FogHorn is a solution for world-wide equipment makers that allows them to detect cavitation events that can cause damage to their pumps and control valve products installed in factories and power plants.


Cavitation Alerts is a predictive maintenance solution that helps improve equipment life-span by taking corrective actions when cavitation occurs.


Key technical capabilities

  • Measurements such as inlet & outlet pressure, flow, and temperature are collected from multiple sensors attached to the equipment
  • Vel expressions are used to calculate vapor differentials in real-time to detect cavitation formation
  • Alerts are sent to technicians to increase fluid pressure, flow or decrease temperature to avoid damage to the seal, bearing and impeller
  • Analyze historian to identify patterns to enable technicians to detect cavitation or schedule maintenance before failure


Architectural diagram / data flow chart


Screen shots


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