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Customer success for the intelligent enterprise

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By providing the committed, comprehensive and personalized services your business needs, the new SAP MaxAttention service can help you take full advantage of the opportunities of the intelligent enterprise. Pioneer your vision with premium access on-site at your business to trusted SAP experts, tools, and methodologies that make your desired business change successful with SAP solutions.

One SAP leadership team across all SAP services

SAP MaxAttention establishes a unique one SAP leadership capability for your service needs. Your SAP MaxAttention onsite team will coordinate and orchestrate the different teams to operate as a single source of truth. Depending on your needs, the following key roles will guide you to success.

Comprehensive service portfolio with predictable outcomes

The SAP MaxAttention services and support portfolio provides easy-to-consume, cumulative levels of engagement personalized to meet your needs. Our approach delivers predictable outcomes, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid environments, from innovation to run.

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Innovation Services

  • Manage and measure innovation as part of an innovation strategy
  • Lean digital innovation team with ongoing innovation cycles 
  • Explore business possibilities and build functional prototypes


  • Minimize modifications/ customization
  • Actionable plan for value extraction
  • Define value maps and a clear understanding of value metrics

Architecture Planning

  • Architecture design of high-end multifaceted landscapes
  • Target architecture in line with SAP’s product vision
  • Validate technical design of on premise, cloud and hybrid landscapes

Analytics and Data Management

  • Determine areas of improvement and upskill workforce knowledge of new technologies 
  • Assess strategy, improve data integration, quality and governance, and design solution
  • Prototype next-generation scenarios, including machine learning, big data, and IoT

Implementation Support

  • Preconfigured setup and ready to-use business processes
  • Develop detailed concept of the technical infrastructure and data migration design 
  • Accelerate implementation plan of your transformation project

Cybersecurity and Compliance

  • Technical architecture related to SAP security products and SAP solutions
  • Security and compliance roadmap
  • Identify critical gaps and optimization potential

PaaS and DevOps

  • Continuous delivery approach monitored with DevOps
  • Learn how to integrate your current landscape with the SAP Cloud Platform
  • Learn how to develop fast and agile state of the art cloud applications


  • Performance tuning to achieve high performance and high scalability
  • Analyze functional design and architecture and validate functional gaps
  • Define action plans to address risks and issues to performance, technical integrity, and stability

End-to-End Hybrid Operations

  • Faster stabilization phase of high-end solutions
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting
  • Prioritize list of critical areas and road map for the next steps

Accelerated Support

  • Proven secure connections and data for highly regulated industries
  • Guaranteed targeted initial response and resolution time
  • One point of contact with regular alignment and transparency

Additional Resources

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Introducing SAP Transformation Hub

The SAP Transformation Hub is a team of highly skilled experts and enterprise architects who support architecture planning services with best-in class expertise to SAP MaxAttention customers. 

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