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SAP CRM: Interaction Center

Support multi-channel customer communication with an on-premise CRM interaction center

Streamline and enhance customer interactions across all touchpoints. The interaction center capabilities in our on-premise CRM software can help you dramatically improve multi-channel communication for your sales, service, and marketing activities.

Why SAP CRM for Customer Interaction?

Because to earn the business of today’s empowered customers, you need to leverage all available channels and processes – and provide differentiated customer service. With the interaction center capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:


Manage customer service interactions – tech questions, complaints, entitlements, and field service – in an integrated platform

Integrate with a variety of multi-channel communications solutions to help contact centers boost customer satisfaction

Leverage advanced analytics to help managers track operations, identify trends, and quickly spot and respond to problems


Product Capabilities


Key interaction center capabilities in SAP CRM:

Interaction Center for Service

Equip your employees with the tools they need to deliver five-star customer service and resolve issues on first contact – with interaction center capabilities for service.

  • Customer service and support
    Give customer service reps an integrated view of all information needed to resolve problems without multiple transfers.
  • Complaint management
    Simplify processes for issuing financial credits and customer returns, and manage escalations with business rules.
  • Help desk support
    Use information from a knowledge base to provide an initial assessment of customer issues and check the status of pending requests.
Interaction Center for Marketing

Identify, serve, and retain the qualified leads that matter most to your company with interaction center capabilities for marketing.

  • Campaign execution
    Extend the reach and impact of campaigns by running them on multiple channels, including outbound dialing and e-mail.
  • Lead management
    Qualify leads through surveys and other means, then assign them to the most qualified sales agents to improve lead-conversion rates.
  • Personalization
    Identify and present the right products and offerings to the right customers, and increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue.
Interaction Center for Sales

Establish a fluid sales pipeline by leveraging interaction center capabilities to qualify leads, capture orders, and complete sales.

  • Account and contact management
    Get a complete, accurate view of all critical customer information.
  • Activity management
    Trigger and track follow-up tasks and business activities, and efficiently allocate them to the appropriate resources.
  • Opportunity management
    Maximize visibility into each sales opportunity, including milestones, progress, and key players.
  • Quotation and order management
    Configure products, determine pricing, create proposals, and track orders for efficient sales order management.
Shared Service Center

Offer your workforce the same service you offer your customers – and consolidate all employee services in a shared service center.

  • Employee interaction center
    Deliver accurate, consistent employee information in a cost-effective yet service-oriented way.
  • Accounting interaction center
    Automate your accounts payable help line, so agents can quickly respond to inquiries and check payment status.
  • IT service desk
    Categorize and dispatch service requests, and manage IT-related incidents in a standard ITIL environment.  
Multi-Channel Communication

Connect with customers on their preferred channel, extend the reach of your marketing campaigns, and provide exceptional service – with interaction center capabilities for multi-channel communication.

  • Communication channel management
    Employ a wide range of touchpoints, including Web, e-mail, phone, fax, and post.
  • E-mail response management
    Automate e-mail analysis, routing, and response based on configurable rules.
  • Process modeling
    Create interactive scripts and automated escalation procedures based on defined business rules.
Interaction Center Analytics

Monitor interaction center and agent performance, identify trends, and speed up problem-solving – with powerful analytics.

  • Communications analytics
    Establish and track common interaction center metrics, such as average handling time and response speeds.
  • Process-based analytics
    Create and monitor metrics for key business processes, such as items completed by agent and first-call resolution rates.
  • Blended analytics
    Generate metrics that blend multiple elements, such as average handling time by problem type.

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