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Go to market with SAP by your side

Accelerate your time to value and go to market for new channels, markets, and business models with branding, resources, and services from SAP PartnerEdge – Build.
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Logos and guidelines

Gain access to logos and partner branding assets that offer differentiation for your business.

Campaigns and tools

Access a variety of campaign tools that help get your message to market quickly with the maximum effect. 

Success stories and public relations

Gain tools to help find and tell compelling stories, and use press releases to generate awareness and drive demand. 

Training and education

Employ a variety of tools to sharpen your marketing skills and effectively connect marketing to pipeline generation and revenue.

Digital marketing

Unlock tools, resources, and a social media kit to build your crucial online presence.

Partner Solution Progression

As you move through your solution journey, the Partner Solution Progression provides a framework for collaboration, supporting your growing commitment so that we both see more opportunities and bring more success to more customers.


Note: The go-to-market offering is not available for SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem members. When you’re ready, you can upgrade to the full benefits offered by SAP PartnerEdge – Build. 

Marketing and sales training

SAP provides partners a variety of valuable marketing and sales-related training to help you with the promotion and sales of go to market ready solutions. Leverage the following training areas available from SAP PartnerEdge.

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SAP Digital Academy

Learn how to adapt to the modern buyers’ journey by reaching customers earlier in the buying lifecycle. 

SAP Academy for Sales

Leverage sales resources that align to most of the SAP solution portfolio, including information about pricing and sales methodology.

SAP Learning Hub

Gain on-demand access to a wide range of e-learning courses, content simulations, guides, course handbooks, and more.

Start small, prove success, and then grow your business

Embed SAP Cloud Platform into your cloud applications to deliver your solution as a self-contained cloud service to your customers. It’s priced clearly – you just pay 10% of the subscription revenues that you earn from your customers, as remuneration for the services from SAP Cloud Platform.


This offer is available to all partners in the SAP PartnerEdge – Build engagement model that have built packaged solutions that are deployable on SAP Cloud Platform, using the services contained in the innovation or multi-cloud starter pack for SAP Cloud Platform. 


To learn about embedded PaaS royalties, visit the SAP PartnerEdge site (accessible to partners only).

Key benefits

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  • SaaS delivery of your app at your commercial terms – no separate licensing of SAP Cloud Platform resources by customers
  • Enables you to focus on the creation of innovative solutions and rely on SAP to deliver the platform services to run them
  • Your entire SaaS solution is running in a highly secure SAP Data Center environment
  • True cloud experience: no need to size SAP Cloud Platform resource consumption or commit revenue upfront
  • Simple and transparent pricing, easy to account for in any business case and customer quote
  • Supports self-sufficient go-to-market and selling without need to align with the SAP Field
  • Simple to order under existing partnership contract
  • Allows you to start small, prove success, and then grow the business 

Bundle or package other SAP solutions

To increase your commercial choices and flexibility in bringing your solutions to market, you can either bundle production licenses of the SAP solutions that are required to run your solution or package such licenses into your solution. These licenses are offered at preferential rates (partners may refer our ISV price list) and can only be used for the operation of your solution. 

Would you like to get started?

Select the program option that's right for you.
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SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem – Build

Start exploring SAP technologies in the open ecosystem for free. This option covers the initial stages but does not offer personal support nor any go-to-market benefits. It´s simple and easy to upgrade to the full benefits offered by SAP PartnerEdge – Build at any time.

Upgrade to SAP PartnerEdge – Build

Everything you need to plan, develop, integrate and take your solutions to market for a program fee of €2,000* per year. Partner advisory and support services are available to speed up your business success.

Each option gives you access to test, demo, and development licenses, both cloud as well as on premise. These licenses vary in price, with many available at no cost.


**Already a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program? Then you have already paid the €2,000 base fee. Visit the portal.

Stay informed and connected

Take advantage of the power of partnership with SAP to leverage the SAP ecosystem and grow your business.
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Informational webinars

Learn more about SAP PartnerEdge – Build, the related partner benefits, and the latest SAP technologies.

Join the conversation

Connect, engage, and collaborate with other partners in our community forum. 


See what’s trending on our SAP partner social media sites.

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