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SAPUI5 - Update Internationalization (i18n)

By Jonathan Baker

Add internationalization (i18n) files, and add language specific text


You will learn

Set proper titles to View1 and Detail page by updating the resource model (aka i18n model).

Web IDE If you don’t have the Web IDE open, follow these steps: Enable and open the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE

  1. Open the webapp/i18n/ file, and update the entire with the following lines.

    title=Product Overview
    appTitle=App Title
    appDescription=App Description
    # Detail View
    DetailTitle=Product Details

    Update the i18n properties file

  2. Run your application. The title on both the list screen and the detail screen should match the i18n file.

    Update the i18n properties file

    Update the i18n properties file

Next Steps

##Additional Information
- Data-binding
- Internationalization (i18n)

Updated 03/22/2017

Time to Complete

5 Minutes.




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