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SAP Global Sponsorships

SAP Global Sponsorships

As the leader in technology software, SAP has expanded its relationships within the sports and entertainment world. Partnerships with world-class teams, leagues, and properties has afforded SAP the ability to create innovative, cloud-based solutions providing major value in three distinct ways:
  • On the field – SAP is improving player preparation and performance through real-time data insights.
  • In the boardroom – SAP is simplifying back-office operations, enabling leagues and teams to become more profitable and successful.
  • In the stands – SAP is reinventing the fan experience at games, in stadiums and across mobile devices, providing insights and engagement opportunities that bring fans closer to their passion.

SAP Sports: Highlights

The best teams, companies, and fans all have one thing in common: they stay on top with the best technology, better insights and a competitive edge.


National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL’s biggest challenge? Making sure what takes place on the ice is compelling. Hear NHL commissioner Gary Bettman describe how they use SAP to let fans connect with the game in the ways that they want. 



Cirque du Soleil®

See what goes on behind closed doors! Bowen Yang reveals Best Practices on how SAP helps Cirque du Soleil run at its best.

SAP Ambassadors


SAP Ambassador Angie Kerber

Angelique Kerber is a two-time Grand Slam Champion and an avid supporter of SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches. With 11 WTA titles, Angie is an incredible player and exactly the kind of partner SAP looks for both on and off the court. Learn how she uses SAP analytics to help her perform at her best! (German with English subtitles) 

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External News

The NHL is planning to introduce a smart puck that will allow the league to track movement on the ice at a rate of around 200 times a second...
Yahoo! Sports
Clubs uses SAP Challenger Insights to feed players data about opposing lineups ahead of matches...
The deal makes SAP the team's Official Innovation Partner and marks SAP's first partnership in esports.
McLaren and SAP, longtime partners since 1997, today announced a partnership renewal...
McLaren Technology Group
For most journalists, one of the most frustrating things is...

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SAP Sports


SAP strategic sponsorship requests

Partner with SAP to power innovations in sports, arts and entertainment.
For conference sponsorships (non-sport events) please go to the SAP contact form: German English.

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SAP is proud to expand its relationships within the sports and entertainment world. Partnerships with world-class teams, leagues and properties has afforded SAP the ability to create technology solutions that engage fans, media, players, coaches on another level, integrating real-time, cloud based analytics.

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