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Customer Snapshot: Overview

350,000 keys for 115,000 locks

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG) is a hive of activity around the clock, with over 56 million passengers passing through annually. More than 20,000 in-house staff, plus thousands more from external companies come and go on a daily basis. Site security – securing doors, barriers, and locks – is #1 priority.

Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport)

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Implementation Partners
CIDEON Software AG

Travel & Transportation

Frankfurt, Germany

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Line of Business
Asset Management, Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions
SAP Real Estate Management

Customer Snapshot: History

Nearly a Century of Hosting Air Travelers

Fraport AG makes airport facilities available to innumerable airlines, businesses, government agencies, and institutions. The Retail and Properties business unit (HVM) manages some 38,000 rooms, covering a total area of around 300,000 square meters. Airport operator Fraport AG depends on integrated key system management based on SAP Real Estate Management to maximize plant security.

The Challenge

Accountability for Security—while Expanding

The airport’s existing system was not fully integrated with Fraport’s overall IT landscape. Between the volume and the strictly enforced government compliance regulations, managing keys was enormously time-consuming — and was going to increase with their plans to expand airport facilities. The group began looking for a system that would ensure compliance, and expand as the facility expanded. They wanted a system that would prevent any loss of data with key system management, would automate management processes, and expedite response times.

The Fraport facility managers look after around 350,000 keys for some 115,000 locks. This is a challenging task in light of stringent security measures at the airport and the huge number of managed buildings and contracts. The stand-alone program used hitherto was increasingly demonstrating its limitations.

Enter SAP

No Stranger to SAP

Fraport AG had been using SAP’s flexible real-estate management software for over ten years. SAP Real Estate Management is seamlessly integrated with the operator’s SAP ERP application, providing real-time information on buildings and property, tenants and costs.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Meeting the Customer’s Complex Needs

The standard products available on the market did not fully meet the operator’s wide-ranging requirements. The solution came in the shape of the SAP partner CIDEON Software AG. They enhanced its existing solution specifically in line with the airport operator’s and its customers’ requirements — enabling Frankfurt Airport to combine highly efficient, fully integrated key system management at a cost competitive with the standard products.

Better Business

Integrated and Smooth

Today, Germany’s largest airport manages real estate, contracts, deadlines, and key systems using a standardized platform. The CIDEON add-on is integrated into the group wide SAP software landscape, thus linking all facility management workflows to an end–to–end process.

Better Business: Benefits

Just Count the Benefits

Frankfurt Airport is now even securer with the help of SAP:


key system management provides maximum transparency, rapid processes, and reliable compliance.


control for issuance and return processes - with just a few mouse clicks.


keys for each user, so Fraport knows exactly who has which keys and the locks they access, adding major compliance value for international security requirements.


key issuance through a web portal for new key holders.


work-flows ensure complete requisite approval processes, and reliable security compliance.

Better Business: Run Simple

Maintaining Excellence in the Midst of Growth

Frankfurt Airport has plans in place to extend its Airport City over the next few years, establishing entirely new benchmarks for quality and service. They will build a third terminal and new maintenance facilities, requiring further development of their technical systems. The airport will be transformed, and partnership with SAP will insure facility management will keep up with every change.

Journey Ahead

Further Innovations on the Horizon

Fraport AG is considering an extension of their integrated key system management to support functions for electronic key systems, and setting up decentralized key stores.

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