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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Performing 10-1,000x better

Suning Appliance, China’s leading privately owned electrical appliance retailer, has been working with SAP to build China’s largest, centralized real-time retail system. Most recently, Suning deployed SAP HANA in two weeks to dramatically improve their ATP inventory checking processes.

Suning Appliance Company, Ltd.

CN¥100 billion

Number of Employees

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Consulting, SAP HANA

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Customer Website


Implementation Partners
SAP Consulting


The Challenge


Matching Sales to Inventory

With over 1,800 stores, Suning ‘s ATP (available-to-promise) and inventory checking processes were often slow, especially during sales peaks, mainly due to the sheer volume of business. Suning needed a way to accelerate inventory planning.

An incredible business challenge...

Enter SAP


A Trusted Partner

Since 2005, Suning Appliance has been collaborating with SAP, so it was an easy choice to call on SAP to address this specific and important retail challenge.

Needing SAP to build a large, centralized real-time system.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


The Speed Cycle

Once a company makes a decision to implement a solution, they typically want it done quickly and with a minimum of disruption. Working with SAP, Suning was able to go live with the SAP HANA platform after just two weeks of implementation.

Going live in two weeks. 

Better Business: Benefits


The Big Test

Suning “battle tested” SAP HANA on May Labor Day, one of the company’s peak sales days, and it more than demonstrated its value in supporting Suning’s mission critical process. With SAP HANA in place, all 3,000 sales managers could do real-time complex ATP inventory checks – and with a 10 to 1,000-times improvement in performance.

Helping 3,000 sales managers achieve amazing results.

Journey Ahead


The Next Big Thing

Based on continued success with the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform, Suning plans to continue their close collaboration with SAP to address additional key challenges in the retail industry, both present and future.

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