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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Sustainably growing the cement business with SAP S/4HANA

A 40-year-old company, Mangalam Cement Limited (MCL), was running on a custom application that inhibited process integration and data visibility. Queries were taking 4-5 days, which hampered the company’s agility and their response to market fluctuations. MCL wanted a state of the art digital core to manage day-to-day business operations and support their future growth strategy. The company brought their aspirations to SAP. The SAP team understood MCL’s challenges and goals and how the SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management solution could transform MCL into a real-time responsive organization.

Mangalam Cement Limited (MCL)

Rs 10.5 billion (US$157 million)

Number of Employees

Mill Products



Visionary Themes

Digital Economy, Run Simple


Kolkata, India

Customer Website

Line of Business
Finance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sourcing and Procurement, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, SAP Enterprise Support, SAP S/4HANA

Customer Snapshot: History

Four Decades of Industry Experience
I am confident that Mangalam Cement will make all of us proud by contributing sustainably to the growth of the country and the community. – Syt B.K. Birla, Founder B.K. Birla Group

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Manufacturing with an Eye on Conservation

MCL offers a wide range of quality cement products to consistently meet and evolve with customer needs. To do so, it tries to innovate and expedite the process by introducing new technology and ever-increasing efficiency in production.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Sustainable Growth

Since inception, MCL has grown on the strength of customer trust and the wider camaraderie . It has always focused on reaching promising markets with superior quality standards. MCL is committed to meet the expectations of their customers today, tomorrow, and beyond.

The Challenge

Creating a Company-Wide Synchronized, Transparent System

While having a substantial number of employees on staff with long tenures is a tremendous vote of confidence in a company, one of the downsides is the tendency to hang on to old ways of doing things. MCL decided it was time to embrace the digital economy and undergo a complete transformation, starting with their digital infrastructure.

Disconnected legacy systems left no room for checks and balances.

Enter SAP

Better Long Term ROI

MCL selected EY as its implementation partner and Regional Implementations Group under the SAP S/4HANA customer care program to help implement this solution.


One of the first areas the company was looking to leverage real-time data was in sales and marketing to reduce costs, improve processes, and increase overall customer satisfaction. Simplified processes and better decision support engage the employees to make the company more successful and grow sustainably.

A lot of teamwork and collaboration went into implementing this digital transformation.

We thought that implementing SAP S/4HANA could … help us to take data on a real-time basis and make the right decisions at the right time. – Yashwant Mishra, President (Corporate) and CFO, Mangalam Cement

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Prepared for Challenges

Because this was one of the first SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management implementations, the SAP S/4HANA customer care program worked very closely alongside EY. This special service for a premier S/4HANA customer allowed the team to easily maneuver whatever came their way.

Better Business

More Accurate Data from Shop Floor to Bottom Line

The new integrated platform spans across various departments, enabling lightning-fast decisions based on timely business insights. The SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management solution calculates credit limit checks and railway freight costs quickly. Purchase orders, job orders, and production orders can be processed more easily and faster than ever before. Employees gain real-time insights into the business at any time with online reports about stock levels, spend, etc. Reports that used to take days now take seconds to run. Books are closed more quickly and now there is better visibility overall to help the company Run Simple.

With SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management as our preferred digital core to manage day-to-day business operations and future growth strategy, we look forward to efficiency, productivity and market-share gains. – Yaswant Mishra, President (Corporate) and CFO, Mangalam Cement Limited

Better Business: Benefits

Complete Visibility

In just six months, MCL had the transparency they needed to make decisions based on data-driven insights.

Data analysis: from 3-4 days to mere seconds.

Better Business: Run Simple

Better Data Leads to More Accurate Pricing

The new digital infrastructure included an interface that created a new model, comparing production volume and fluctuating atmospheric conditions to gain a more accurate picture of actual daily output. This led to an improved costing model based on more accurate, real-time data.

Journey Ahead

Solidifying the Infrastructure

The company is now turning their focus to HR infrastructure improvements. The HR module will be added to the system for cohesive employee management. Several months down the line, the team hopes to also implement SAP HANA Infrastructure Services technology to further optimize the real-time user experience and enable real-time monitoring.

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