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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Giving customers 20% discounts while donating 10% of proceeds to their school of choice

Whether looking for cozy baby clothes, or casual clothing for the whole family, many people turn to the Kavio! brand for their high-quality and competitive prices. However, Kavio!’s legacy systems struggled to keep up with their customer’s demand for a pleasant online buying experience. Kavio! partnered with SAP and Softengine to innovate their business and improve customer satisfaction with SAP Business One.

K-V Collections, Inc. (Kavio!)

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Softengine, Inc.

Line of Business
Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

Commerce, California, USA

Number of Employees
3,000 in Vietnam, 50 in the USA

Implementation Partner URL

Consumer Products

Customer Snapshot: History

A Retrospective Glimpse at Kavio!

Founded in 1984, the Kavio! brand is best known for style, comfort, and quality-driven merchandise. Today, Kavio! manufactures and distributes their brand of basic to fashion apparel for infants, girls, youths, juniors, women, and men in a variety of colors, for all occasions.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Carefree, Fun, and Enjoying Life Through the Comfort of Great Clothes

Kavio!’s merchandise is available online and as private label brands through retailers. Kavio! is a true one-stop sourcing zone for design houses, manufacturers, promotional products, imprinted and embroidery markets, and licensing companies.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Customer Satisfaction Never Goes out of Style

Kavio! products are manufactured and produced at their own facility, allowing Kavio! to differentiate themselves from others in the market, by offering great prices and impeccable quality. Kavio! encourages customer feedback and provides many opportunities for customers to do so. Customer satisfaction is Kavio!’s top priority and they build their company based on customer needs. Kavio! is committed to providing great service and quality to customers, and to growing each relationship to further the positive growth of their company.

The Challenge

Legacy Systems: So Last Season!

Kavio! wanted to grow and innovate, but with the lack of integrated systems, compromised information, and manual/redundant data entry, they faced a challenge. Personnel spent hours reconciling data from the disconnected business systems, which weren’t able to generate warnings to prevent against insufficient inventory, or customers exceeding their credit limits.
Further, limited reporting meant there were few tools for the management team to analyze their business. Then, to top it all off, sometimes customers attempted to place online orders—and faced hours-long waits to complete the process.
Our customers want the ability to place orders quickly; therefore, we knew the time had come to upgrade the online customer experience or risk losing them. – Lisa Tran, COO, Kavio!

Enter SAP

What’s Trending at Kavio!? SAP and Softengine

Kavio! wanted a solution that could fulfill their manufacturing and distribution requirements, automate the company’s warehouse and inventory allocation, and help them maximize customer convenience. Softengine consultants conducted a thorough evaluation of the company’s business systems and processes, and as a result, they were able to determine the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to build a comprehensive solution that met all of Kavio!’s objectives.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Kavio!’s Technology Gets a Makeover

With Softengine’s guidance, Kavio! decided on a multi-phase implementation of SAP Business One.

Phase 1:

Focused on the installation of SAP Business One and the integration of Softengine’s SAP Business One - Fashion One extension, a product that incorporates a wealth of expertise learned over decades of experience in the apparel industry. A key feature is its superior inventory management functionality and quick and easy SKU generation.

Phase 2:

Completed integration to the Magento eCommerce solution and to the FedEx and UPS WorldShip® shipping system, enabling Kavio! personnel to manage all their data in one place—and in real-time, with complete Web synchronization.

There are not enough words to convey my appreciation to the entire Softengine team. They put out so much effort and we were so comfortable working with them. Softengine was always there when we needed them and any technical issues were quickly resolved. We couldn’t be happier. – Lisa Tran, COO, Kavio!

Better Business

Delighting Customers with Better e-Commerce

Kavio!’s retail and wholesale customers now enjoy a streamlined ordering process. With SAP Business One, Kavio! is able to predict how much of a particular item can be promised to a customer at a future date, ensuring that Kavio! can meet a customer’s desired timeline for delivery of an item.
With their system completely integrated, Kavio! staff never have to re-enter customers, inventory, sales orders, payments, or current pricing. When customers place orders online, all the order information flows instantly into SAP Business One, updating the associated customer, sales, and inventory files. Then, when that order is shipped, customers can click on their tracking number to view current status of their shipment.
Thank you Softengine! Our new e-commerce is very impressive and our customers are delighted with our new website! – Lisa Tran, COO, Kavio!

Better Business: Run Simple

Meeting Customers’ Needs Like Never Before

Kavio! is using their SAP technology in business today to meet the needs of their customers better than ever.

Alert management for improved inventory and quality control:

Staff can create custom rules that automatically generate an alert. For example, if inventory goes below a specified level, a customer exceeds their credit limit, or if a customer becomes inactive, the system generates an internal alert message, which can be sent to smart phones, tablets, e-mail, or fax.

Approval procedures deliver greater control over the business:

Once an alert has been generated, the system requires corrective action. If, for example, a customer who submits a purchase order has exceeded their credit limit, the system can send an alert to the credit manager, who can either approve or deny an increase to that customer’s credit limit. An approval or rejection response is automatically sent to the customer or salesperson for the account.

Web orders:

This great new feature enables management to track the number of online orders by posting date, which can help them determine the impact of specific marketing campaigns.

Journey Ahead

Fashion Changes, But Customer Loyalty Endures
Kavio! had a very positive experience with Softengine and SAP from initial consultation through the multi-phase implementation. They look forward to continuing their partnership in order to further innovate their business model and customer experience.
“Our new e-commerce system has dramatically improved our customers’ online shopping experience. Now, they can often place orders in just minutes and receive their shipments very quickly. For management, reports that used to take two to three days to complete now only take a few hours. Our warehouse staff is having a much easier time processing orders. Inventory tracking is now fully automated and our counts are accurate.” – Lisa Tran, COO, Kavio!
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