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Christopher Lena Shirt Co. (Ponte Atlantico, Inc.)

Customer Snapshot: Overview

500,000 Dress shirts manufactured annually

When shopping for a new shirt, you want the right style, look, and feel. Christopher Lena Shirt Co. was in the market for a new software solution, and they closely followed that very same thought process before making their decision. After careful consideration, the company found the right fit by implementing SAP® Business One Cloud with the Fashion One add-on solution by Softengine, Inc.

Christopher Lena Shirt Co. (Ponte Atlantico, Inc.)

Customer Website

nVision, NetSuite

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Consumer Products

Carson, California, USA

Number of Employees

Implementation Partners
Softengine, Inc.

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One Cloud

Customer Snapshot: History

A Long Tradition of Sewing the Perfect Shirt

Started in 1982, the Christopher Lena Shirt Co. has established a solid reputation for creating high-quality dress shirts for men. Producing approximately 500,000 shirts annually in various brands, colors, and styles, the company is renowned for their perfect size specification and impeccable sewing on all the shirts they produce.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Shirts for Every Occasion

Carson, California serves as the headquarters where Christopher Lena’s employees work with suppliers and overseas manufacturers to bring their shirts to consumers across the US. All the shirts are designed in-house, and their home base is where all operational and supply chain processes take place as well. These processes include sales, marketing, order processing, customer service, accounts receivables, and warehouse logistics and fulfillment.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Buttoned Up and Looking Fine

In order to ensure long-term business growth and success, Christopher Lena offers their high-quality shirts at reasonable prices online and in stores such as Men’s Wearhouse and other men’s specialty shops. By delivering a wide variety of styles and fits to choose from, customers have many options for finding the perfect shirt for every occasion.

The Challenge

Software Designed for the 80s Doesn’t Wear Well in the 21st Century

Although Christopher Lena wanted to expand their customer base, the legacy software the company had deployed was holding them back. Disparate and un-integrated systems caused process inefficiencies and challenges for accounting and order tracking. Not only was software support an issue, but the company was also not confident that the software would enable e-commerce functionality – a key to further expansion.

We were using an industry solution that was adequate, but it couldn’t scale going forward. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Enter SAP

A Reputation for Tailored Solutions

When faced with the challenge of updating their technology to enable growth, Christopher Lena knew they had to invest in a software solution that would improve all areas of operations. After considering several options, the company chose SAP Business One Cloud with the Fashion One add-on solution by Softengine, Inc.

We were looking for an integrated software solution that met our industry-specific needs while supporting best practices–based business processes. We wanted a solution that was adaptable to changing business conditions and our evolving technology needs, including mobile connectivity and e-commerce capabilities. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

SAP and Christopher Lena – A Perfect Fit

By partnering with Softengine for the implementation, Christopher Lena was up and running with their new software after only 3 months.

We walked the consultant through all of the business processes and reports we needed. We also explained our size, color, and style matrix and the logic behind our stock-keeping units. SAP Business One Cloud was the right size for our business and provided a platform for growth. Plus, we liked that it was available as a hosted software package. The Fashion One add-on provided the functionality we needed without a lot of customization. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Better Business

Fashion One Functions Fine, and Finishes in Fabulous Fashion

Christopher Lena knew they made the right choice by selecting SAP Business One Cloud. The solution enables the company to support all critical business processes efficiently and provides real-time access to inventory and receivables. In addition, the Fashion One add-on integrates with the SAP software to help the company manage finished inventory, raw materials, cutting tickets, allocations, accounts payable and receivable, and bar codes. All this added functionality means Christopher Lena can deliver their apparel to customers with better visibility, efficiency, and control.

Better Business: Benefits

Comfort and Confidence

SAP Business One Cloud has improved Christopher Lena’s operations and increased insight with minimal cost and complexity. The company is now more agile so they can introduce new styles more quickly to satisfy their customers’ changing demands.

We’re offering better styles and more aggressive pricing, so our customers are happier. With SAP software and Fashion One, we have better insight across our entire value chain to support business decisions, improve our margins, and expand our customer base. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Better Business: Lessons Learned

Efficiency Never Goes Out of Style

Christopher Lena is taking advantage of their tightly-linked and efficient business operations so they can get their apparel to market and into customer’s closets. In addition, the company has better data analysis and reporting functionality.

We can run reports to see our average profit margins. With this insight, we can price items more aggressively to turn our inventory faster. We didn’t have that visibility before to validate our decisions. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Better Business: Run Simple

Dressed for Success

Today, Christopher Lena is realizing many benefits as a result of their implementation, such as increased sales and company growth. By leveraging a cloud solution and Softengine’s expertise, Christopher Lena has dramatically accelerated their time to value.

We’ve had six percent growth since last year, which is particularly remarkable as our target audience of baby boomers is growing out of the need for dress wear. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.

Journey Ahead

Looking Fashionably Forward

By focusing on tightening production management and the tracking of raw materials, Christopher Lena is in the best position to realize incremental improvements to their operations. So the next time you find yourself shopping for that perfect shirt, you will have the confidence of knowing that Christopher Lena will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Before, we were using an industry solution that was sufficient. But now we have a first-rate software foundation that allows us to take our business to a whole new level. – Leonard Kang, Operations Manager, Christopher Lena Shirt Co.
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