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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Austrians consume nearly 108 liters of beer a year, per person

For many people the weekend starts with a favorite beer on a Friday night, relaxing with friends after a busy work week. The weekend barbeque succeeds when the favorite beer is served. A trip to the local retailer can be a frustrating excursion when beer shelves are empty or the desired brand is not available. Brau Union Österreich AG turned to SAP’s Mobile Platform, to make sure stores always carry their beer brands, and are never out of stock.

Brau Union Österreich AG

€643.9 million

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP Mobile Platform

Linz, Austria

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
SRB Consulting Team GmbH

Consumer Products

Customer Snapshot: History

Nearly a Century of Brewing the Finest Beer

Today Brau Union Österreich AG is the region's largest brewer and market leader. The company represents international premium brands such as Heineken, national top brands such as Gösser or Zipfer, and regional brands such as Puntigamer, Kaiser, and Schwechater to name a few. The company was founded in 1921 when 5 local breweries merged to become Österreich Brau AG. Additional breweries joined in subsequent years. Österreichische Brau AG und die Steirerbrau AG merged in 1989, under the name Brau Union Österreich AG—and in 2003, they joined the international Heineken family.

7 Breweries, 13 Beer Brands, and 47,000 Commercial Customers

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


VISION: Deliver the Best Brands Everywhere! Cheers!

Quality in everything the company does, a comprehensive willingness to innovate and a constant improvement of processes - that´s what Brau Union Österreich AG stands for.

We Stand for Quality.

The Challenge

Frustration Loses Customers, and Weakens the Bottom Line

Brau Union Österreich AG strives to provide their customers with genuine beer pleasure from start to finish. When customers find the shelves of their local retailer empty of Brau Union Österreich AG products, they feel only frustration. This not only lowers customer satisfaction, but also harms the company’s revenue.

The company’s sales representatives were spending too much time on inefficient, paper-based administrative tasks, and not enough time keeping beer in the stores.

Enter SAP

The Best Choice to Leverage Current Resources

Brau Union Österreich AG works hard to satisfy their consumers and the managers at local stores. Sales representatives need to have all customer information immediately available to provide the best and most efficient onsite service. As a market leader, Brau Union Österreich AG always aims to use state-of-the-art technology in fulfilling their goals. Company leaders were looking for a platform upon which to develop a Sales Execution application. 

They chose SAP’s Mobile Platform as the best way to leverage existing SAP software investments, including the SAP Customer Relationship Management [SAP CRM] application.

On the Spot Inventory via Mobile Phone.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Perfect Partnering Leads to Positive Feedback

Brau Union Österreich AG partnered with the SRB Consulting Team to develop their new Sales Execution app, built specifically for iPhones carried by sales representatives. The mobile application is stable and positive feedback received from field managers proved that the collaboration with SAP and SRB Consulting was the right choice. The implementation project was completed in time and on budget within 4 months.

Better Business

Efficient Administration Yields Savings

Company employees are more productive than ever before, visiting more stores and improving sales performance across the board. Sales representatives quickly check the availability of stock onsite via their smartphones, using the new Sales Execution App, 40. They now have the time to spend with store managers, resulting in better service and improved customer satisfaction. 

The representatives use direct online access to customer information to make accurate decisions in real-time. They present additional products and promotions to store managers. Truly efficient administrative processes always create time and cost savings.

The Sales Execution App and the SAP Mobile Platform give employees access to CRM data, guaranteeing secure connections between systems, data exchange and consistency.

He Gets the Data He Needs, Immediately.

Better Business: Benefits

It’s All Good

Brau Union Österreich AG realized multiple and immediate benefits for customers and sales representatives, including:

Onsite out-of-stock check in 5 minutes
Visiting 10-15 customers per day
Filled shelves at any time
Increased distribution of brands
Individual customer visits once a week instead of once a month
Improved sales performance revenue

Better Business: Run Simple


Putting the Latest Tech to Work for Profits

Brau Union Österreich AG is considered a strategic company that strives to use the latest technology to reach company goals. The SAP Mobile Platform gives them the perfect foundation to expand their use of mobile applications.

Keeping Beer On the Shelves.

Journey Ahead

Expanding Mobility Company-Wide

To further enhance customer service and overall business performance, Brau Union Österreich AG plans to further build on SAP’s Mobile Platform. The goal is to make every single application directly available to all sales representatives, in order to make their jobs easier. The company is looking to introduce productivity scenarios, like time and expense tracking (part of SAP Fiori), and apps that support local restaurants.

We Can Build on Such a Strong Foundation. 

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