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Autism at Work Program

Providing support to candidates with autism during the hiring process.

Bring everything you are and become everything you want

At SAP, we don’t ask our employees to change what makes them unique, we embrace it. We want our employees to know they can be themselves at work and that we value their authentic identities. We encourage all of our employees to bring everything they are and become everything they want every day.

Autism at Work

SAP’s groundbreaking Autism at Work program, launched in 2013, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of people with autism to foster innovation as we help customers become intelligent enterprises. The program taps into an underutilized talent source, reducing barriers of entry so qualified individuals can fully develop their potential.  

Hear from our colleagues

Nico’s Story

Reduce processing times for complex cross-company invoices from three days to 20 minutes? It’s possible with a new tool that was developed by Nicolas Neumann, finalist in the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award competition and part of SAP’s “Autism at Work” program.

Asha's Story

Meet Asha, an SAP Labs software tester in Bangalore, India. Finding a career that fit her unique skills as a person with autism was not easy, and Asha was rejected from multiple jobs by employers who did not even know what Autism was. Read on to find out how she did not let this rejection crush her spirit, and has found her niche as part of SAP’s Autism at Work program and also as an advocate for young adults with special needs.

Considering SAP’s Autism at Work program? Here’s what to expect.

We’re proud to have an incredibly diverse and vibrant workforce — full of unique individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. The Autism at Work program provides support to candidates with autism during the hiring process, plus we offer a variety of resources to facilitate the success of employees with autism once on the job.  

Throughout the application process, we want to get to know you and ensure you have the opportunity to shine. Sound like a place you want to work? Here’s how to apply and join SAP:

Tell us you’re interested
To receive support from the Autism at Work program, select your country and follow the instructions. Candidates with autism may apply directly to open jobs on if support from the Autism at Work program is not desired.
Tips for applying

Show us what you can do
We have taken extra care to adapt our process to individuals with autism. To do this, we partner closely with specialized third-party organizations throughout the recruitment cycle and beyond. All applications are reviewed. If there’s a match, we will contact you with information on next steps.

Join our team
Selected for an interview? You will have access to specialized support and guidance to facilitate the interview process. Once hired for a position*, you will be introduced to your Autism at Work buddy, mentor, and coach. These individuals provide guidance as you onboard for your position and in your career at SAP. If at first you don't succeed, stay positive, keep developing yourself, and apply again! Many of our candidates are reconsidered for other opportunities.

SAP Autism at Work is available in select countries and is continuing to expand. Processes vary by country. Apply via the relvant posting for your country with the button below. If you do not see a job for your country listed currently, please reach out to us for more information on next steps using our contact form.

What do we look for in a candidate?

Fascinated by new and emerging technology – and excited to suggest new ideas that disrupt the typical way of thinking.

Openness to new work experiences. Thrives when working across cultures and boundaries.

Ready and willing to take on new challenges. Exhibits enthusiasm and optimism – while still asking critical questions.

Tips for applying

Show the real you within your application

Bring everything you are and let your application shine by including your goals, volunteer experience, relevant courses and projects to enhance your skills, and even your masterful Guitar Hero skills. Hobbies and passions help you stand out, but make sure you are ready to explain how they relate to work (not every hobby should be listed).

Make sure your application documents show your career interests

Help us get to know you by including jobs (for, example developer or data analyst) or areas of specialization (for example, machine learning) that pique your interest within your cover letter. Check to see that your career-relevant skills and abilities (including transferable skills) and achievements are easily found in your resume or clearly described in your cover letter before applying. If you've done something awesome, tell us about it!

Engage your support network

Your family, friends, and others may help you improve your application documents or prepare for upcoming discussions with hiring managers.


The Autism at Work program was recognized by the “Camara de Diputados” (Chamber of Deputies of the Argentinian Congress) - 2017

The Brandon Hall Group awarded SAP four golds for Autism at Work in the Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Strategy category in 2016.

The Brandon Hall Group awarded SAP four golds for Autism at Work in the Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Strategy category in 2016.

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*Acceptance to the Autism at Work program does not guarantee a job.

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