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Ina Ivanova

Product Manager, SAP Cloud Platform, Sofia, Bulgaria

Seeing that what we do really makes a difference – that’s what keeps me getting up early, going to work, bringing in a piece of who I am in everything I do and stay positive!

Ina Ivanova
Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet Ina Ivanova, Product Manager in SAP Cloud Platform.

Ina started working for SAP in 2007 as a Java developer intern. Her career continued as a developer, going through the standard career path of a junior developer, developer and expert. A 6-month Fellowship in SAP’s office in Berlin gave her a different perspective and she decided to switch her career focus. Ina’s product specialist journey began with being a product owner of a small team, continued with being product owner of two development teams and a senior product specialist.

At the moment, Ina is Product Manager in SAP Cloud Platform, SAP's Platform-as-a-Service offering. “The development of the platform started in Sofia in collaboration with a couple of teams based in SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf. It evolved a lot in the last couple of years - keeping up with the new technology trends, gaining more and more customers and partners. New services are added continuously to meet customer demand and more teams within SAP contribute. We try to be on the cutting edge of technology with our product, while still complying with the regulations and requirements majority of our customers have towards availability, compliance, security, all these enterprise grade qualities, and this is really challenging.”, says Ina.

What Ina points out as one of the biggest benefits working for SAP are the experienced people and the friendly environment that helps you learn and grow. “The opportunity to work with mentors and get constant feedback from my managers and peers shaped me as a professional, and helped me improve and develop my skills.” Ina is also an internal trainer for product management related trainings, visual communication and design thinking. “I try paying forward the knowledge, experience and insights I gained so far working for 10 years in the company”, she says. 

One of the most important things in her spare time is travelling. “I’m a travel addict – visiting new places, exploring the life of the locals and their customs, habits, culture and specifics in communication, that’s really more a passion for me, than a hobby.”, shares Ina. As part of her job she gets to meet and work with people from different countries and cultures, travels for business to new places. “While it's not the same as going on vacation, it's still a great opportunity to do what you love as part of your job.” 

We asked Ina why she decided to switch from development to product management: “I strongly believe people are motivated by inner drives, the need to be self-determined and autonomous, to see why their work matters. That’s why I switched to product management - being able to see the real challenges our customers have, rolling-out the new capabilities we bring to the market to address these needs and rolling in to our teams what's missing out there with real examples – that’s what keeps me getting up early, going to work, bringing in a piece of who I am in everything I do and stay positive - seeing that what you do really makes a difference. I challenge you: join the SAP Cloud Platform team and let’s make a difference together?”

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