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Anton Carlos Straeter 


Anton's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

One of the key elements of SAP's working culture, which I appreciate the most, is the trust in their employees. As an employee you have the choice to shape your day according to your preferences.

Anton Carlos Straeter 

After I finished my Bachelor’s degree I moved to Berlin to complete my Master’s degree. In one of our first university events I got to know a fellow student, who worked at that time at SAP and is for now also working with me in the same department. This was the beginning of my SAP journey. 

I started at SAP as a working student and also wrote my master thesis in collaboration with SAP. Over time you become an integral part of the team and you quickly experience the advantages of SAP’s working culture. My time as a working student gave me valuable experiences and now I’m happy to support new working students the best I can.

At the beginning when the SAP HANA Cloud project started, we had the chance to build everything from scratch and shape the product according to our vision. At the point where the first customers used SAP HANA Cloud in their productive environment every change to the infrastructure could in the worst case disturb the customer experience. Every code change can have a big impact on the productive environment of our customers. It’s our challenge as a team to ensure customer satisfaction and make SAP HANA Cloud an SAP success story.

Everyday there is a new challenge to tackle. Maybe some complex bug, which requires hours of debugging or some new technology, which needs to be evaluated and integrated into the current project. No matter how long you are working as a Developer there is always something new and exciting to learn.

Every time I try to explain my role to friends I struggle for the appropriate words. In the end it is still some kind of black box. One thing is certain though - I will be called by every friend or family member if their internet connection is broken or their laptop isn’t starting.

My working days start with a big mug of black coffee. Typically, the first thing I do is to check the mails and notifications. After that I really enjoy the early morning hours to fully concentrate on my development tasks. Before and after lunch our team usually comes together to sync about different topics. If it’s a good day I can continue to work on my development task, if it’s a bad day I have to fix a nasty bug. Nevertheless, I love to come together with my colleagues for a short break and drink a coffee together.

One of the key elements of SAP's working culture, which I appreciate the most, is the trust in their employees. As an employee you have the choice to shape your day according to your preferences. In the end that grants you the ability to fulfil your idea of a suitable work-life-balance.

Every human being is unique in his behaviour, characteristics and attributes, although the knowledge and competencies diversify as the strength lie in different areas. Altogether these are core fundamentals to build a team of professionals where people are treated fairly and with respect.

In my opinion you reach success, if you can call yourself a happy and grateful human being. SAP is one key element in my life, which has a big impact on that factor.

Fun Fact: during my Bachelor studies I spent most of my time at the university but as you also need money to live, I became the fastest pizza delivery guy in Cologne!

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