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Eva Piorkowski

Experience Marketing Expert

Eva's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

What we are doing is more than just brand awareness and putting a sticker on the nose of a car. We are actually creating a tangible story that allows even my mom to know what SAP does.

Eva Piorkowski

Today, the power of technology is becoming a key driver in winning motorsport races. SAP’s global partnership with Mercedes-EQ Formula E team is opening a new chapter of racing history. Through the SAP HANA platform and the innovation of SAP Sports One solution, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team has been able to develop customer specific technology and ultimately digitize and maximize their overall business and sports’ performance.

Meet Eva Piorkowski, Experience Marketing Expert and director of the global sponsorship and partnership with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team.

Eva started her SAP career 15 years ago in Global Events before moving to the Global Sponsorship team. As an operational person, the move to sponsorships gave her an opportunity to pursue her passion and her work-life balance. Since most of the sponsorship events are held during the weekend, “it was a win-win situation. I could spend the week with my kids and family. It was the perfect situation. I have also always been a fan of different sports” says Eva.

When Eva began managing the sponsorship of the McLaren Formula 1 team she began working closely with Thomas Esser, Director of Global Sponsorships, “during our team meeting, Thomas was the only other person who had an interest in motorsports” says Eva. It was this shared interest, and realizing they were also neighbors, that sparked a great working partnership.

The pair were involved with Formula One for 12 years before a shared passion for sustainability and innovation led them to the Formula E team “we instantly knew this was a perfect fit; same values, knowledge, innovation, and future.” Formula E is considered a startup in the sports world which gives Eva and Thomas the opportunity to “create amazing stories and amazing showcases from scratch.” Now the pair are driving innovations in back end technology in the sport. SAP and the Mercedes-EQ team’s engineers can use the SAP HANA business data platform to develop technology solutions that help the team analyze large volumes of data and monitor overall performance. The engineers can also use additional features and functions provided by the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), predictive, and machine learning capabilities during the co-innovation process.

“What we are doing is more than just brand awareness and putting a sticker on the nose of a car. We are actually creating a tangible story that allows even my mom to know what SAP does.”

Eva loves how SAP is fast-growing and advocates how SAP is innovative, flexible, and always adapting. “What I really like is people think we are really process oriented, which is true, but we are also flexible, and we offer all these amazing opportunities.”

Meet Thomas Esser, Director of Global Sponsorships, who collaborates with Eva in the partnership with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team. Together they’re racing to bring data analytics to Formula E.

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